Worst self inflicted experience so far while racing (Non tech of course)

I would like to see them introduce a Moron Badge to unlock and you lose 5 points of your GS as it would be cool.

My disasters that are worthy

  1. Racing a 3 lap race in the rain and on the 2nd lap 1st position heading towards the S/F line for the 3rd slide on the corner and next thing I am in the pit watching the other cars leave me behind.

  2. Off Road race in champs The Ram - Not my fave on or off-road. Start the race and make my way up to first then realize I still had 4 laps to go(first disaster). 5th lap last corner barrel rolled it.

  3. 3 laps of Nuri mods in place 1st position ready to cash in while patting myself on the back ie What a legend!!! and smashed into the wall on that last right turn which I swear someone moved. No rewind so placed 7th

Fess up Does anyone else suffer these disasters?