Worries about the championships

So from what I’ve seen here, it appears that there is no simple class based championships, like in FM5, meaning that some races will feel less varied because it’s limiting the models of cars to only half a dozen or so, not to mentioning making some cars feel a bit too niche, like throwing the Viper ACR in retro muscle as opposed to something that fits better with the car’s style. Another issue that they should fix is making other championships that overlap some cars of a different one, example being the Subaru 22B being added in a japanese themed group and a general rally themed grouping along with its current 90’s rally grouping.

Another issue that really irks me is the cult classics group, why the hell would you group cars like the Ford Transit SuperSportVan with the 1963 Beetle and the Alfa Spider, all cars which should belong in their own respective groups. Although I know that these issues won’t exist for online play, it would still be a nice touch that would add more immersion for specific cars when in single player, but otherwise, the more played championships like supercars and hypercars seem well thought out, except for maybe some of the cars in GT being included in supercars as well, like the SLS AMG.

One thing that I really like is apparently how AI cars will hover around your car’s P.I., so if I took a Caterham into the Extreme Track Toys it won’t force me to upgrade it to S2 so that the Ariel Atom can fit in.

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Yeah, it would be nice to have 6 championships for each region for each car class, or be able to select your events and restrictions in a custom road trip. Also it should be possible for cars to be in more than one category to be more accurate.

Don’t read to much into things guys.

Screenshots are legit so it does seem a bit like FM4 & FM5 where you have limited choice of cars within a championship.

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Yes but you don’t know what opens up in those boxes, hence don’t read to much into things, complaints based on speculation.

…except he isn’t reading into anything. The information is right there in plain sight in front of us lol

Show us then please where the information is relating to what is inside those box’s, have you read the thread in titled salt?

Still, there is no ACTUAL information if there are overlapping classes, seperate classes and so on and so on. For instance, there is no word (yet) if you can upgrade a Supercar-class to Hypercar-class and thus race it in multiple championships (just like upgrading A-class in FM5 to S-class, for instance).

At least we are given the option to purchase a car here & now from the actual race-selection.

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There is to much speculation and folk are stressed before all the facts are made available.

So your complaint is that there won’t be too much variation in races, but that there is also going to be too much variation in races? Gotcha.


Not enough variation for some group races, and that the cult classics is just a random mish mash of cars that shouldn’t belong with each other.

Actually i have no problem with it lol, any other racer restricts cars to a certain racing series or league. Also 168 championships are plenty :slight_smile:

I want to see some ideas about championships that they could possibly add in the future, here’s mine:

Modern japanese cars: includes cars from JDM Icons, Track Toys, Modern Rally and 90’s Rally
Rally history(or something): Cars from Group B Monsters, 90’s rally, Modern Rally, and Classic Rally
Classic Lightweights: Mostly non-american cars produced around the 60’s and 70’s, like old British cars and JDMs

I want to hear you guys’ ideas :slight_smile:

Those ideas would look best in the Horizon 2 - Wish List thread.

This is better suited to the wish list thread.

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Give B Wald cars. B Wald will race cars! Just gimme tha damn game!

I don’t care if I end up racing a school bus against a dump truck*, I just wanna PLAY.

B Wald

*actually, this would probably be good fun.

So if my Hot Hatch is Class S1 can i still participate in the Hot Hatch Events or does it have to be a certain Class Level? I remember in FM5 i had to downgrade some cars just to participate in the events.

After what Maka91Productions said in his stream the AI cars should scale to whatever your car’s PI is. I’m really happy about this because I thought that the Caterham, X-Bow, 2-Eleven and the Exige S would be forced into S2 class since the Atom V8 is part of this grouping as well.