World's Fastest Rentals help!

I am trying to complete the sixth World’s Fastest. It is the one with the Aston Martin Vulcan. I find that after the roundabout and after the bridge, the snow makes it impossible to hit the three star 190 MPH, let alone the 200 MPH i’m trying to get. When I searched it on Youtube, I found that the person was playing in summer/spring. How do you change the weather so that I don’t slip on the snow?

Wait a week.


I’m going to wait until Spring to do any more chapters of this Story. Just not possible to get up to crazy speeds in the Winter!

The video you saw was obviously done when the game’s season was set to Summer/Autumn so that’s why he got that season. You can’t change the season for the stories. That’s only possible for blueprints.

So you just have to wait for next week or the next 3 weeks in that case to have 3 seasons where you should have no problems getting those challenges done.

I think it would be better if this had leaderboards for each season, otherwise as you say atleast 1 out of every 4 weeks is a write off and we’ve yet to see what the grip is like in Spring

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You can go offline and change the date on your system, which will change the season

That’s not 6, that would be 5… 6 is the Pagani and only a handful are under 1:16:00 and one person is 00:28:00, definitely cheated!
#5 was a breeze even in Winter, just cut through the middle and hold down the throttle, don’t stop for the roundabout, go through it…

The grip levels seem like they’re normalised for those missions to me - I had no trouble 3-starring them all through winter anyway.

Is it just me or is the veyron, mercedes and pagani missions in the world fastest rentals story virtually impossible to get 3 stars on, the best i can do on the pagani one is 1:23 , the veyron one 2:02 and mercedes 1:39 it’s probably just me but possible change to time required if not.

no they’re all possible… Take shortcuts, don’t brake if you don’t have to, and just keep at it :0)

The Veyron one took me the most tries out of any of them, but the AMG GT R one wasn’t very hard for me.

Go offroad where you can. Utilize the rewind if you have to. I got most of them on the 1st try

Don’t go off road in Pagani. Just take that first left turn as smooth and fast exiting as possible. From there, never touch the brake, only slight let up on throttle in a couple of curves.

The Veyron was the hardest one for me too. Finally gave up trying to do it nicely and just “Horizoned” it off-road through the s-curves on the last section.

in all three of these you have to cut through the roundabout, be careful of the tree that is just right of center and try to be as stable as possible before you hit the dirt.

The Veyron and Pagani were my last missions to get to 3 stars as well, so don’t worry, you are not alone. What worked for me was looking at some videos on youtube and seeing what routes those guys took. I noticed where they would go offroad or took a shortcut, did the same, got 3 stars. Not glamorous, but got the job done.