World Cup Rankings Posted

Rankings for the countries were posted yesterday.

  1. Japan
  2. UK
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. USA
  6. Italy

Italy being in last isn’t a surprise with only one car being available.

just my opinion, but i think this thing is rigged. most of the cars from other countries other than Japan don’t perform as well in the given events. tbh i think PGG/T10 already had a prize car in mind when they conceived this joke of an event, and most likely it is a car that most of us already have. at this point i could really care less what we all get. i already have all the cars available in my garage.


I also think the prize car for the winng country already been decided and the ranking lists are made up to make us think it makes a difference.


I agree. The same as that ‘Gifting’ nonsense over Christmas.

PGG are confusing its customers with mushrooms. Keeping the former in the dark and feeding us sh*t will not make us grow.


There was one other car but it’s 250 California. When you check price you will understand why it wasn’t option.


Why was New Zealand excluded from the world cup???


LOL. As a fellow Kiwi I really appreciated this comment :slight_smile:

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The cars would be limited to an “all black” livery. :slight_smile:

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Funny for me I didn’t use a single japanese car at all…

I am in fact surprised as the LM 002 was the only car that were available in all seasonal championships so one tune would had done it all (like this season the Maserati Levante with three possible championships)

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I didn’t use one either.

Yes, you might have gotten by with just one tune for the LM002 but would it have performed well with just one tune for most drivers? Probably not. A tune that performs well on dry pavement may not be the best tune for wet roads, dirt or grass.

I think Italy was severely hampered by having just the one tune. It turned people off from using it in the road/street races and people didn’t want to have to fuss with multiple tunes for the same vehicle.

I don’t think USA will do well in numbers again this week.

Street racing - The Focus doesn’t have the appeal to the average player as the BMW, Lambo, Nissan or Jag.
Road racing - The Corvette doesn’t have the appeal as the Porsche, Ferrari, Honda, or Jag.
Dirt - USA is a middle of the road choice probably behind the Subaru and Audi and about equal with the Mini.
Cross Country - This is where the cars favor USA. The Ford Ranger looks like it’s made for off-road racing. The Macan Turbo is probably the biggest competition on general driver appeal.

Imagine doing all that for Japan and the prize is the Subaru 360 from FM7 DLC.

Reminds me of Pokémon’s monotype runs. Fire monotype in DS version of Diamond/Pearl would be Infernape + 5 Rapidash.

Watch them fool us all and the reward will be another random Chinese minivan



Where are the rankings being posted? All they say is “social media” and I have been digging around FB, Twitter, and haven’t found them anywhere… Well, other than here. :wink:

I saw it on Twitter.

I’ve been seeing them in the game Message Center “News” (yesterday and today) fwiw if you didn’t already find them there too.

This whole thing is really dumb. It could have been so much better. The small choices of cars in the playlists for one is ridiculous. Also, why not post live standings or at least update it every day in the game. Did they post this today? It just doesn’t seem very interactive and I lost interest almost immediately.


I would select the Ferrari for the Triial but the only selectable cars was Megane, Corvette and Porsche. Of course i have that Ferrari in my Garage…

Of course it’s rigged. I mean how can a Renault compete against SUVs and even an full-blown offroad truck like the Ford Ranger in a cross-country event?

If you can’t make it fair and equal then don’t do it at all. It’s really that simple!

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