Working infotainment screens?

I magpied this idea from Yuwan Thayakaran’s video on YouTube.

Lots of the cars in FH4 have infotainment screens. Some don’t display anything, some display a logo, others display working gauges. What would make it more realistic is if every car with an infotainment screen in the game had its infotainment software/features scanned and put into the game for their respective cars. And then there could be a certain way (D-pad, for example) of navigating through the infotainment screen.

Better still, instead of displaying the GPS in the corner of the screen in cockpit view, it should display on the car’s infotainment screen.

I really hope that T10/Playground Games would be able to do this because it would make the game so much more realistic.

Would be harder than you think to make that work, they would have to make an entire interface for that and replicate each individual system. They need to use their resources to fix existing problems instead of creating new ones.


I think you’d find that would be much more difficult than you think. And there are a lot more things that would have a lot bigger impact on making the game better than something so inconsequential as that that not even everyone playing the game would even notice.

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The only feature that would be any good is the auxiliary gauge screens, like in the Dodge vehicles have the SRT pages display. But dedicating game space to each individual screen, the animations of the screen to screen switch, and the many sub-menus would just be wasted time and resources. They really need to work on the overall game more than minuscule details, maybe 5-10 games down the road when all the major details are perfected they can slot this in with a character creation system? <*Last bit there is a highly sarcastic joke, pretty sure this will get locked due to the title and it being a blatant feature request anyway.