[Workaround] My game doesn't have HUD anymore

After the today update the HUD of my gave dosent show up, i tryed, the HUD its enable on the options, i have restored to default settings, i’ve already restored and repair the app in settings, i tryed reinstalll the game and Nothing works…

I play on PC.

Windows 11
Ryzen 5600x
GTX 1650 Super
16GB RAM 3200MHZ

There its a image of what its happening

IDK how, but now my minimap works

Try going to the accolades and set a pin. Fixed it for me

I can confirm it.
This worked for me too. (PC version)
Even after unpinning, the HUD is ok.

Windows 10
Ryzen 1700x
GTX 1660

Same issue. Pinning an accolade works as workaroud too.

The accolade thing worked here, thanks for the tip guys!