Word on a Lexus &/or Toyota car pack?

Loved the selection from these manufacturers in FH3, but surprised they haven’t been listed yet. (Short from the 3 Toyota trucks currently available) With the release weekly of (2) cars complete, should we expect FH4’s car list to cease its expansion soon?

It has been something brought up many times since game launch. Unfortunately this decision has been stated as being out of their hands. Mitsubishi for example didn’t have permissions at launch, but they I guess got the more known cars allowed at some point.

With Toyota, they have said it is entirely in Toyota’s court so we might never see them.

One thing I have seen with toyota and it makes me think we won’t get them is the new Supra. In the promo material for the Supra being used in racing, it has Gran Turismo splashed on the windshield eyebrow…


That’s what makes me think about that too. Did Sony secure some kind of exclusive license deal with Toyota as Gran Turismo Sport does have Toyotas and Lexus’ in game, although a lot of cars are missing, the LFA for example is not included. I hope Toyota comes to their senses and gives us at least a few iconic Toyotas (Supra & Celica) and at least the Lexus LFA, ISF and RCF.

Every time I read the word “Lexus”, another white hair sprouts in my head.

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