won't load

Starting today, after the Microsoft Studios splash screen, the screen goes black and won’t load. I’ve been playing this game since Dec. with no problems. Tried uninstalling and re-installing, same problem.

Try disconnecting from your network. Then start the game.

Also, I have to do this from time to time to correct garbled headset audio with Microsoft’s headset or my Astro A40 or no headset audio at all from my A40.

From the screen with multi-player, career, rivals, freeplay, etc hit the XBox home button (big X). Scroll down to quit and select that. Eject the game. Power down the console. Unplug the power supply to the XBox for 30 seconds or so. Plug it back in and power up.

Didn’t help… same problem. All other games work fine.

I’ve just come across this issue as well… Switched games back to FM5 and get nothing but a black screen after an update… Anyone got a solution to this yet?

I unplugged the kinect and now the game loads fine.

This worked… Wonder if the issue has arisen from the Kinectless Console being released this month and the update to go along with that?

great…more bugs. just what we needed. all dlc needs to stop until they can fix the bugs and train the dlc makers to make content that dosn’t break the game. i need a working game more than anything else, including free dlc. cancle the july pack and any tracks planned until what we already have works right. then test the heck out of the dlc before releasing it to make sure its not going to break something else.

Same problem popped up for me a day ago. Unplugged Kinect and also unplugged Xbox and restarted. Now working again. Not sure if it was the Kinect or unplugging the Xbox since I did both at the same time.

Hey all,
My game wont start,
Ive tried all these things
-internet off and uninstalling/re installing
-took the kinect sensor out
-playing the game at a friends house.

Im stuck, ive tried also speaking to xbox about it still nothing
Someone please help me havent played the game since the Nuremberg update!!!


What happens when you try? What screen do you get to? Any error messages etc

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When i click on the game disc it starts,
Then shows the orange mclaren p1 for a second then screen blacks out and goes to home page :confused: