wonder who downloaded my stuff

So since I have played forza horizon 2 I was a bit upset that the siesto elemento was not in it, but rather then stay mad I made my own siesto elemento , by this I meant I took the Lamborghini huracan and put the carbon fiber skin on it then added the red triangular front shapes and attempts d to kinda give it mybown style for the back vents. So I figured I’d share it so others would use it but never thought it would hit the level of downloads it has had. Two days ago I checked the downloads and it had like 98 downloads . I thought it would be cool if I could see who downloaded it. If not just post on this forum I k know I wish i could send a cudos to the guy who made that Ferrari Italia deadmau5 gumball 3000 edition. I am also going go make a few gumball 3000 emblems and that means I’ll make the sponsor tags too.

Nice, just bore some holes in the engine hatch and you’re good lol

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Yea I can do anything over the engine hatch but yea to complete it I added the fprza body kit upgrades like the wing and the bumper.

You can “like” the design.