Won every race in online adventure. Still i can never win the whole Championship.

Yesterday i have been playing a few online advenetures. Played 2 adveneture with almost the same people. First time, i won 3 out of 4 races. Second adventure, i won 4 out of 4 races. But at the end of the championship, i have been ranked at rank 3 and 4.

I just wanna know, what i am doing wrong. I wanna win the races AND the championship :wink:

I never ram or crash into the Walls, have a good skillchain and clean race Bonus. I always reach the next race in time with good points.
Sometimes i even win sprintraces with a 20 sec lead and people not even finishing in time have more points at the end. I realized that most of those top ranked guys are very high leveled ( lv 400 or more). And I am missing like 20k points to the winner at the end of the adventure.

Those guys are most of the time NOT driving HE cars and are NOT farm-drifting at the end of the racefield!

And I noticed, after a transit to a New location, i am catching up always. But after the races that i win, they have a huge lead again

So what am i missing to be like them and win the whole online adventure?

I have not played much online, but I noticed recieved alot of XP despite the fact that I’m a terrible driver and even worse drifter. Really hate those drift zones. I was using an untuned Shelby GT500 and I finished 2nd in the XP Championship. One possible reason is that I managed to drift tap a few times and I do have the 500% bonus perk for that. I’m guessing it is possible to get lots of drift taps if you drift close to walls.

Some other possibilities
it could be from drafting keeping chain going
Their cars maybe a bit looser so they are getting drifts skidding turn versus all out drifting. If you are in a grippy car way up in front you may not be getting enough skill points or keep chain going

You gain points between races also so they are probably gaining points there.

THE XP LEADERBOARD MEANS NOTHING. Worry about the races and times you get. The leaderboard is just showing how much XP you got, how fast someone leveled up. It doesn’t really matter. Enjoy the races and those results. Don’t worry about the “championship”. The feeble 30K isn’t worth it either. So… yeah, just worry about the actual important stuff. It would be cool if they set it up like they do with championships in singleplayer. Like with points given on placement. But, hey. Just enjoy the races if you have people who actually race, that’s why its good to have some friends to play with. (If you have enough, you can control the votes as well).

my skillpoints are almost maxed out (have every perk for bonuses) and i am playing forza since horizon 2, so i would call myself experienced. its really a mystery why they have such a lead.
and as i mentioned before, i can always close the gap BETWEEN the races, but not during the races, even though i am winning.

Never race to the next destination unless it’s far and there’s lots of jumps. You’ll get XP even if you don’t reach it. You’re better off finding a place to show off your skilling abilities…lol.

Also they probably can’t drive well so they are unintentionally sliding through corners and running into destructible items which boost the skill chains and multiplier.

If you’re way out front…start running over things and tapping the ebrake here and there.