Wolf Jr. Looking for crew

What up guys. Looking to just get back into the drifting community here. doing some fm5 drifting while I got the new xbox one. if you wanna do some drifting add me or hit me up.

GT: EN Wolf Jr
Years Drifting: 6 years
Started On : Forza 1
Teams On: RDT,SJD,APM,EN most recently.

Just trying to do some simple drifting maybe photography.


We are team SittinSideways Tandem Drift Crew! We are currently recruiting and looking for more people that love to tandem to join us. We have a rewards program to earn Microsoft points as well as an application in the Android and iPhone app store available for download! Go check out our Facebook Page with new pictures uploaded everyday as well as multiple team paintjobs for most common drift cars! So message me on here or simply add my gt SlTTlN SlDEWAYS. In my gamertag the letter I’s are actually lower case L’s - Stay sideways my friends-

I appreciate the offer but I think i’ll pass.

Hey man! I got a crew I’m putting together! message me if you’d like to come see how we drift. you can drift any drive type you want, nobody will judge! my gt is Toxic Drifting
if you have any interests just let me know. we got about 15-20 people right now