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Hello and welcome to my FM5 Gallery.

Just a little about myself I live in the uk and am a older gamer in my 40s (never to old to play video games) and have been playing forza since forza one was released I spent a little time playing fm2 & fm3 but it was when fm4 was released that I really got to like the forza franchise some may remember me from 1FTR Full Throttle Racing of which I established upon fm4 release it was its club feature within the game that inspired me to create the club however with one thing leading to another I am now freelance.

It was while browsing this forum that I had seen other images of forzatography and was amazed by how good the images where and the creativity behind them this inspired me to have a go myself and explore this side of forza.

I Hope you enjoy my gallery & please feel free to add your comments and thank you for looking.

Here is just a few to start my FM5 gallery.


spot reserved for specials

spot reserved for specials

spot reserved for specials

Love this shot!

Thanks for comment Viper it was one of my first attempts on FM5 taking a picture also the paint was my first go using the design editor.

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Awesome shots +1

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Great shots mate, love this one.

Cheers Sketch am hoping to be a bit more active with the forzatography this time around with FM5 I must check your gallery as your shots are magnificent and I have said it before its images like yours that got me into this so I blame you :slight_smile:

Honda NSX-R 1992

(See my sharefront for design.)

I like the fourth shot in post 1.

Great recent photos!

Thanks for all your comments guys :slight_smile: