With Gamepad i can not understeer as car does not turn in properly

Dear Turn10,

something seems to be broken with your gamepad settings as the degree i can turn the wheel is connected to my speed (i dont mean optically, i know its for whatever reason locked to 90°, whereas any other racing game has more). The cars never understeer, they just dont allow me to turn the steeringwheel when i get a bit too fast into a corner.
The game basically forces a certain speed range on me and i have to be within that range in order to be allowed to take the corner. Its extremely frustrating because i can not feel the cars limits when you prohibit understeering! Its patronizing the player. Even with steering on “simulation”, this mechanics seems to exist. So please either disable the connection between speed and turn-in-degree or give us an option to adjust speed and/or steering sensitivity. Because as it is now, it just feels numb. Cars oversteer pretty easy in this game, but they never understeer with gamepad.

Lucky. Mine understeers like a mofo if I go in hot on Xbox One

I promise the cars understeer. Lost count how many do. Some of the higher end cars sometimes don’t especially if they are RWD. Almost all AWD cars understeer badly but some aren’t bad.

You can adjust control deadzones. Mine are currently set to 0 and 100 for inner and outer steering.

The cars really dont oversteer at all. The physics appear to be dumbed down from FM6 where it was very easy to slide cars.

i can not set outer steering to anything else but 0. when i move the slider it stays 0. its also kinda greyed out
playing on PC with a xbox one controller

That’s just speed sensitive steering on a controller for you.


try driving a v8 awd audi sedan.

I think you have understeer and oversteer confused. Understeer is when the front of the car hits the guardrail first and oversteer is when the rear of the car hit the guardrail first.

Options > Controller > advanced
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside = 0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside = 100

Forza has hidden speed sensitive steering for the game pad and there is nothing we can do about it. At about 45 mph the vehicle steering lock is reduced and I think at 80 mph it is very reduced.

Most cars do understeer from car dealer. Believe it or not using less steering input on the left stick will allow cars to turn better because the built in hidden steering assist are not taking control as much. This is a skill that I am always practicing and I have been play Forza for years.

If the cars has adjustable parts on it you can tune the setup for more oversteer but you will need to learn how to do that.

i think he means that before actual understeer would happen the game prevents it becuse wheels wont steer enough… its still understeer, but not because the tires dont have friction, but because game wont let you steer more.

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exactly what michelsappak says. i dont confuse over and understeer guys, come on :)))
also as i said earlier, i tried to adjust steering deadzone outside but when i move the slider it stays 0 even if i move it to the extreme right. i also cannot “accept” (on PC version) any ideas as to why?

“The cars are understeering because…” Well, thats the point, they dont understeer. What i find is that they oversteer easily, the rear is constantly trying to overtake me so to speak. But i just dont get them to push over their frontwheels(understeer).

Adjust your dead zones, I had to spend about an hour just to adjust my controller properly so that I could stop going from zero to hero

I’ve also found tight suspension cause serious understeer issues and so does the differential

I understand what the OP is saying and I think what he is looking for is balanced oversteer or neutral car handling. This requires some skill.

The cars are understeering because of the stock vehicle setup and the hidden speed sensitive steering assist. This has been a Forza issue for many versions now. The only thing you can do is set the deadzones, tune the car and learn to steer with the limitation of the hidden steering assist on the game pad. Some cars without upgrades do not handle well.

This is also the limitation of the Homologation system not allowing for adjustable suspension parts on lower class cars. You can add a Differential to all cars without penalty and that helps but you need to adjust the Diff. If you can add Anti Roll Bars with out penalty then that is even better. Those components alone will give you better car handling.