Wireless Controllers / Xinput still not working?

So it’s a month since the last topic I’ve seen on this, and it seems as though wireless 360 controllers or the controllers that emulate them (PS3/4 controllers running in emulation mode) still don’t work? This is pretty rough since no OTHER controllers work, and driving with a keyboard on any mode other than totally-assisted/easy mode is nigh-impossible.

Is there any sort of timeline on this? I’m seriously not playing this game until I can race with ANYTHING other than a keyboard. -_- You’d think that a minimally viable product pushed to the public WOULD include at least basic common control setups. I’m not asking to drive with a HOTAS or some wonky 6DOF controller here or something, just the bare minimum that practically EVERYTHING supports.

Xbox one controller works fine, and this is a beta. So not pushed to the public, merely released for those who accept the limitations and bugs. As clearly laid out in the terms of service for said beta.
If you can’t get a controller working you appear to be in a minority. Have you got a fully updated game and windows install?

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If you Google, it seems as though anyone with a Wireless 360 Controller (or any controller other than XB1 or Wired 360) are having issues getting them to work. I’m not an isolated case here… Controller works in every other app/game/anything I’ve got that takes controller input. Windows shows it as a valid Wireless 360 Controller and all inputs register via control panel.

I’m simply asking for a timeline for implementation or a workaround if it exists.

Wired 360 controllers work wireless ones don’t This game is a port from Xbox One which supports completely different wireless protocols. Hence them not working. Have you got a wired 360 controller you can try?

The wireless XB1 that came with my Rift CV1 works fine. as do wired XB1/360 controllers.

my G27 doesn’t. and that is utter crap.

My controller came with my Rift and it does Not work for me.
i have driver date 8.12.2015 , version

Yeah I’ve not got any wired ones… the ones I do have (PS3/360 Wireless) both still don’t work, though. :frowning:

I’ve had no problems using wireless 360 controller. try updating the wireless receiver driver.

Driver date 29/10/2015 version 10.0.10586.0