WINTER Northbound Danger Sign Seasonal PR Stunt Guide with tune and tips (Updated for 2020)

LINK: Northbound Danger Sign Forza Horizon 4 Northbound Danger Sign Winter Seasonal PR Stunt Horizon 4 FH4 - YouTube

Car - Ferrari 599XX Evolution (FREE on December 25TH #Forzathon Shop from Horizon Holiday Calendar)
Tune - Northbound DS
Creator - Stevio2175

For those of you who hate watching videos (which I promise mine is right to the point and packed with details and tips) - here is a text version.

I recommend going to Horizon Life online rather than solo.
I was able to consistently achieve far past the seasonal objective of 725.1FT with the 599XX E - I hit over 800+FT.

Settings that matter:
Rewind ON (easy to mess things up, even last second)
Traction Control can be On OR Off
Stability Control OFF
Manual is my preference, but auto works fine.

Go to the danger sign before jumping, and clear all the fences, cones etc. out of the way.
Work your way back up the hill, and also clear all the trees and bushes to improve visibility and again have nothing slowing your acceleration on your jump attempts.

BE PATIENT, and do NOT get stressed or annoyed. For most people, it will probably take a few tries.
I prefer to start to the right of the danger sign, not center on. The ground seems to be smoother, and a better jump towards the valley leading to the danger sign.
Keep your car steady! Throttle control, no need to start too far back or be going too fast, since there is an unavoidable hill jump before the danger sign itself. Once you go over the hill before the danger sign, which you should be doing so at about 110MPH, throttle control can stop, and smash it full throttle. You need to be going about 140MPH as you are hitting and jumping the danger sign. You should be in 2ND gear if using manual, third works too. I’d switch right before landing from the hill into the valley before the danger sign. My tune will kill it, and is easy to maintain control. Just control your car, don’t let it control you! I recommend you watch the video so it is clear what needs to be done, if you are really struggling.

I REALLY hope everyone finds this to be helpful or useful, and that this saves you time and frustration. Any questions or issues, just ask me! Thanks so much for watching/reading. Best of luck, and have fun with it! - Stevio2175