Winter Cars. 2 Part Question

Looking to see what are really good winter cars. Hoping to get a small list of cars to check out from this thread.

What is your favorite winter car?

What is your favorite winter car for boosting (money, influence, or skills)?

I am between the Hoonigan Focus and the Subaru 22B STI.

The Hoonigan Focus for sure!

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I like the Ford RS200 simply because it handles well offroad with a solid feel of power

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Hoonigan Gymkhana Focus is a must have for winter. Godly control and all perks suited to get tons of skills.

Another one I like is the Porsche Macan Turbo, but just for personal reasons. I feel it handles nicely and goes fast enough. But the perks are meh.

Honestly any Rally or Extreme/Offroad car with the snow flake icon will do just fine.

But if there’s ONE car I would definitely recommend, it’s the Hoonigan Ficus.

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I like the Audi RS4 very much. Tuned to A800 it is really nice to drive and you will easy win races in its class.

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Thx for the replies thus far dropped a like on each post.

Not much of a car fan, especially in the winter. I like to use the older SUVs like Land Rovers, Ford Broncos, and IH Scouts. I got a nice class B Scout, not over the top but definitely not under powered.

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RS200, although it’s a handfull in the winter. The abarth fiat 131 is fun for lower class clasic rally. The Titan Warrior concet FE is good, the Defender FE is great in A class. The trailhawk is also amazing in S1.

That’s just the ones I’ve been using so far. I know the rally focus and fiestas are excellent, as is the rally WRX STI VT15R. The Audi Quattro rally car is also amazing.

I have a Ford Pursuit Ute with a fully built standard engine, AWD, snow tires and rally suspension. It’s pretty good. It also looks the part with the huge bull bar and spotlights on the roof.

The Toyota Baja trophy truck fully upgraded with the 7L racing V8 and supercharger, minus one or two tiny engine upgrades to get it back down to S1 900 is an absolute BOMB at anything resembling offroading, and even good enough to get 250km/h+ on speed-traps.

1982 Lancia 037 STRADALE with winter tires, handles like a dream.