Windows Update 13 Oct Causing AP601 Error

The latest update for windows has started throwing up errors. This latest one “Windows Media Components Required (Code: AP601)”

Never had this issue before. Running Pro N and have all the required components installed to run Forza 6 Apex and Horizon 3 with no problems.

Does anyone have a solution at all?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, you have the N edition of Windows 10 so you need to install this separately.

The first steps I took before posting was uninstalling and reinstalling… Have rolled back to previous version of Windows now, hopefully this will solve the issue.

EDIT: Thanks for the info on the second post, I’ll keep that link handy :slight_smile:

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Quick update after doing some research. This is caused by the Windows build 1709 (check System>Settings>About). 1709 is not supported if you have N or KN version of Windows. You’ll have to roll back to version 1703 and turn off all updates and hope that Microsoft don’t force the update down your neck.

Ahh yes, it should be available October 17th when build 1709 is out officially.

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After having a lot of trouble with the idiotic update system, I’ve found the new media codecs required to fix this… They ban be found at Download Windows 10 Media Feature Pack and it’s the KB4039813 set. Finally after 6 weeks I can update the f**king thing.