Windows Store download issue.

It’s signed me to a generic looking account, not my main xbox live one for some reason… hence the silly name, sorry.

Having a right issue with getting this to download and it’s a pain the arse.
Win 10 with latest updates yet I’m given the error code: 0x80240438
I’ve been through every link/article on 2 google pages that fixed the problem apparently for others but not for me. I’ve rebooted, cleared the store cache, disabled and renabled my Wi-fi and reset the winsock in CMD and something in the Power Shell (done so much I forget.)
Another error pops up saying it’s an error their end, but my mate just downloaded his fine so I’m running out of ideas. Anyone had these errors got a decent fix?

I’ve posted this on 2 subreddits and now coming here because I am just so out of ideas and frustrated.

Steam downloads are fine, downloads from the internet are fine etc but not this.

I’ll appreciate ANY help.

Bloody hell, firewall issue sorry! Forgot to deactivate windows firewall as I have a third party one.