Windows - Forza stuck on V1.164.9874.2

Header says it all, my Windows installation of Forza refuses to update to the latest version (V 1.295.960.2) - its stuck on V 1.164.9874.2

I’ve tried the WSRESET command several times, rebooted etc,

All other updates are coming down fine, and my Windows install is completely up to date.

Any ideas? - this is so frustrating



Since the last update I have the same problem on PC, I think it is a problem of the May update

Update - I uninstalled and reinstalled Forza 7, hoping it would solve this issue - just the same thing, still stuck on Version 1.164.9874.2

Any other ideas I can try?




Are you shure that the V 1.295.960.2 update is for FM7 and not the update for FH4? :slight_smile:

Yep, here’s the official word:

Version Number
PC: 1.295.960.2
Xbox: 1.295.960.0

Current version of fm7 is 1.164.9874.2

So you are on the correct version and you have been wasting your time uninstalling and reinstalling

Either that number in that link is wrong or our pcs are showing the incorrect number

Those numbers are the same as fh4 so there’s an error somewhere

This is what I want to say, it can’t be the same version numbers for both of the games. It seem that they done a wrong statement about these versions, putting the FH4’s version for both.
And by the way, meanwhile, FH4 got a more fresh update few days ago: 1.300.260.0

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Might check the Known Issues here, and if there is no solution, file a trouble ticket: