Win another '97 RX-7?

I got my '97 RX-7 from the third midnight battle, which was awesome, I love that car, but I wanted to try and get a second one to do a drift build of. Did the battle again, but I didn’t get a second one. I remembered seeing someone mention somewhere that it’s possible to go back and get a second one, but I can’t find that post anymore. Anyone know how I go about getting a second RX-7 without resorting to dropping multiple millions of credits on the auction house? (Sorry if this is in the wrong section by the way, couldn’t think of a better place to put it.)

It used to be possible, may have been fixed in an update because I tried to do it a couple days ago and didn’t win another one.

Unfortunately, due to the rarity and demand, they have a buyout price of 20,000,000 CR in the Auction House. :frowning: I’m missing a few Porsches in my collection and to think I’ll have to amass 80,000,000 CR to buy them makes me lose all faith in mankind. :smiley:

There’s a Silvia S14 Zenki in the game BTW, it was a prize for an early Forzathon so you can’t buy it anywhere but from other players, ironically it’s very cheap compared to the RX-7 though.

Damn. Really like that car. And yeah, I heard about the Zenki, first time I saw it was in game IIRC, which was bizarre to see. Have to check how much those go for again.

Try a Co-Op Race. I got a second RX-7 when I did a Co-Op midnight battle.

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