Win a Rip Rod - 1940 Ford Coupe (beat those '32 Ford Coupes)

Seeing as everyone was using a 1932 Ford Coupe, I wanted to be different…

Step 1: Get a Ford Coupe 1940 (No you don’t need to get a 1932)
Step 2: Download my Tune under gamertag Jadigafer7 for the 1940 Ford Coupe
Step 3: Use Manual transmission (doesn’t need clutch), turn OFF traction and turn OFF stability, ABS on or off (whatever you prefer).
Step 4: Enter Seasonal Hopped Up event under PVP mode
Step 5: Follow this Shift Timing: First shift at 30-35mph (48-56kmh) on tarmac and 25-30mph (40-48kmh) on the beach, All following shifts at 7,000RPM (or a split second before @ 6,900rpm so your revs don’t start hopping). I shift a little sooner on the beach drag (6500rpm for 2nd and 3rd gear, 7000rpm for 4th, 5th and 6th). See times below to see if you are reaching optimal gear shifts.
Step 6: Congratulations you won a Rip Rod.

This is how you deal with Rammers (leave them in your dust!), also check the drive line on the Juggernaut, that is how it is done (181MPH and 1:02 all while fighting off the rammer in the first bend):
CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE VID BY Breeminator: Forza Horizon 4 - "Hopped Up" PvP Ramfest - YouTube

Hopped Up PVP Results


Daaaang. I destroyed on my first try and I’m not even good at drag racing. Thanks for the tune and shifting info! Won me a Rip Rod. It must be funny for all those 1932 tunes to think they are the Meta for this seasonal challenge just to see a 1940 launch out ahead of them the whole race.


Happy to be of assistance :slight_smile:

The best tune! I won in my 1st attempt! Thanks!


Glad it worked for you! :slight_smile:

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Updated the instructions in the original post for the shift timing on tarmac and beach. Hope you all get your Rip Rods!!

Comparison to top 4 most viewed YouTube tunes:


**New best on Horizon Festival: 10.744 and Greendale Aerodrome 16.050

Dam! Would like to see my 32 tune go up against it :wink:

My 1932 ford coupe tune is a little faster than that. I got a 10.73 time in the 1/4m.

Nice, my fastest time on the 1/4 with this tune was 10.744 and I was trying to see if I could break 16.000 sec on the aerodrome, but the stupid railroad tracks happen to be right where I need to shift, so the bounce screws me up and if I adjust the gear ratios just for that one race, it slows me down on the other tracks. Helped a few more people get the Rip Rod last night that messaged me on xbox. One more day to get it. Good luck everyone!


Thank you very much Jadigafer7! After struggling with the '32 Ford gave your tune and car choice a try and got it at first try! Before that I was ready to just give up on the reward… thanks!

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Really appreciate the tune. After a few tries and with very little shifting experience, screwed up the start of the first race, took third. Won next two and had 12-point lead going into Juggernaut. Ran off road and missed checkpoint (insert Ja Rule “Monica” gif here), but still finished race seventh, tied for first overall, and got Rip Rod. It leveled me up, and wheelspin gave me a TT RS. Giving Jadigafer7 credit for both. Very happy. Thanks!

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Thanks for the tune! It got me a Rip Rod on the first try and it didn’t feel like a contest at all. Excellent work!

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@DjDanee. @WhiteBread956, @Comradeer2
Glad you were able to get it :slight_smile:

This is what a gaming community is about… people helping people be successful.

Yep,very nice tune indeed.1932 was ass,rammers trying to kill me last race as i was leading 1st place,stalled it on the line but the speed killed them at the end.Its was funny passing 2 cars before the line at twice there speed.Thanks for your tune.:wink:

Hey Jadi, OmarE3253 here, monster tune!! I’m really bad for drag racing but this tune made it easy to get the rip rod!! and I got it 3 times LOL. Thank bro… great work!! Keep getting downloads!!! By they way I post a comment of a facebook page of FH4, about the ranked team adventure games matching issues and a funny comment pop out saying that there is no issue, that that happens cus there is not enough people !! LOL… Oh my !! that’s not the reason obviously!! Anyway great work with the tune!!


How it felt to win a Rip Rod with a '40 Coupe:

The grain: |||||||||
Me: -----------