Will you pre-order H5?

Yes or No and why.

No for me unless they go back to or include the old points system for online adventure. I miss the excitement of clean fast racing with skill. I also miss class based rivals something fierce. I would need definitive proof that these 2 options would be brought back before ever even considering buying a Horizon game again.

How about the rest of you? Are you moving on from the series or are you in for the long haul?

They need to fix, Forza Horizon 4… before a 5th game even is mentioned…

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Agreed but we all have different ideas or expectations of what we want or think should be fixed. I’ve accepted that the old points based championship formula is not going to be implemented into H4 so I don’t play it. The chances of it coming back in H5 are probably not very high either but one can hope since I loved the series up until H4.

yep I will be but it probably wont be out until 2021 anyway, a lot can happen until then

still don’t see what they need to fix, just because it’s not how some people want it to be doesn’t mean it’s “broken”


If we can believe this article There Will Be No Forza Motorsport 8 in 2019, Turn 10 to Improve FM7 Instead - SegmentNext and specially the last part there is road map for FH7 up till 2021. This implicate 2019 FH5, 2020 FH6 and 2021 FH7 while the motorsport series of Forza is on hold for the moment.

think that must be a typo, no way will fh5 be out this year, that fh7 should be fm7
no way will they release a new horizon every year

FH5 to come out this year? Then FH6 and FH7 in each following year? Eh? Of course not.

I assume the next FH won’t come out till the new gen which will be 2021+

I wish I could be excited about more Horizon games coming out sooner but if they are going to keep the multiplayer setup from 4 I won’t bother with any of them. Never cared for Motorsports as track racing bores me to death. Just not for me.

Forza Horizon 3 even.

Pre-ordering is one of the most stupid practices in the gaming industry and one of the principal reasons we get half baked products with numerous issues that need fixing in the months following release.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a product upon release, but research it, play a demo, read some reviews and know exactly what you’re getting. If and when FH5 is released, I’ll play the demo, check the map and read a few reviews, if the handling dynamics are still good and the map looks interesting then I’ll likely get it day one (same as I did for FH4). If it doesn’t have what I’m looking for then I’ll either wait for a sale or ignore it altogether.


I 100% agree. I stopped pre-ordering games a long time ago but H4 got me. Sigh. I was so excited to play it early with friends who were also excited. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I wouldn’t like it and most of them don’t either. Big mistake on my part and I surely won’t do that again.

The reason I preordered fh4 was I got under the wire with Amazon’s discount program and got the ultimate edition for 20% off.

I regret that decision. The answer to the op’s question is no. I will not be preordering fh5. I will not be purchasing it at all

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No. Not if it is another “Live Service” / “Multiplayer Focussed” Game like FH4 has been. I never want see another “Live Service” Forza Again, as IMO, it has been a massive Mis-Step for the Franchise that has, on Several Occasions, basically RUINED FH4 for Me.


Hilarious! And yet somehow you managed to play this trash for 83 days.

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Possibly YEP for FH5! But not if it is only on the next version of XB1X+ as I am not thinking of buying a next generation console anyway at this moment in time.

Nope, this is not the Forza it thought it would be. Ruined by a bunch of non racing non sense that is designed just to keep people coming back daily. I would have without that stuff PG but there is nothing here for me anymore. It was always a respite from Motorsport for me but now it’s just annoying. Is it broken? Not really just changed for the worse.

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Some of my thoughts also. I have preordered every Forza since Motorsport 3, VIP, Car Passes, Ultimate Editions, etc. But no more. Horizon 4 is nothing like I expected and the changes just make it tedious for me to play, although I still do. Just trying to get me money’s worth out of it. The developers of both games are just taking them both in directions that I am not willing to go. The are other reasons Forza related that I am not happy about also, the cesspool that these forums have become and the way they are run, the whole AH joke, and the list goes on and on. No more for me.


NEVER. Been through terrible experience a lot in FH4 multiplayer, I’ll play single content with xbox pass unless some huge changes or improvements on multiplayer are made.

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Yes I’ll pre-order FH5 because I’m enjoying FH4, Pre-ordered FH4 Ultimate and have enjoyed 99% of the changes.

No, because I don’t pre order games. There’s next to no disadvantages in waiting a few days or even weeks after launch to see what a game is like.

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