Will we see Horizon or Motorsport next year?

Now that the Studio have committed to this game’s end of life, the question now beckons, how long will we have to wait for Forza Motorsport 8? Would it be safe to say that since FH5 is due next summer, or is it, will we have to wait another two years for FM8, given that FH5 is on schedule for next summer? We need to know this stuff now, because if it takes the Studio 4 years to produce FM8, we should be expecting a hell of a game, complete with team voice over and other first-time features.

Since it was not in any way mentioned at E3 I doubt it is a launch title. You are asking a question that may not have an answer yet. At the very least I would say 2 yrs away, perhaps a year and a half if we are lucky. There is no rush, they need to reset this franchise, stop putting out half finished games and than make us beg for features that should not have been removed in the first place. Anyway you know very well they will not tell us here. It will be an announcement at some games conference most likely.

I would hope the last two years weren’t spent just tooling around wondering about an approach and that at least some development work on the basics of the game, such as tracks, must have been laid down. God knows we have enough cars in the game and Chris did mention that they are working on a new tire model, so if if takes them maximum another two years to complete FM8 or whatever it will be called, I see them focusing mainly on tire/tarmac physics and other related physics, weather phases, which they have plenty from the Horizon series, and some serious cut scenes and voice overs for during race play to make the game more informative while on the track. In other words, four years is more than enough time to blow our socks off in terms of a different approach to Forza Motorsport.

So you think that fh5 is due next year and that it will be released before fm8…who’s schedule…that would be the same as saying fm8 is scheduled for later this year
Just assumptions as usual
I would be thinking fm8 will be out with the new console and fh5 the year after …hopefully…and that will give another year to develop fh5 as well

I can buy that schedule. Delay FH5 for one year, and introduce FM8 at next year’s E3 - now that would be rad indeed. PGG could use the extra time to develop another stellar game, expecially if the theme is Asia far-east somewhere! I’m sure with the base that T10 has in place with FM7 whatever enhancements they have planned could be coded and tested within a year from now. Good thinking on that approach!

on the usual bi-annual release schedule, we would be seeing FH5 next year, but with FM8 (rightly) being given more dev time, and it likely being a launch title with the next xbox, is it assumed Horizon will also skip a year or will we be seeing two Forza titles in 2020?

nobody knows since nothing has actually announced when either title will be released

likely Horizon will skip next year to allow them more time also.
We may see a situation like COD where they bring in a third developer to do Forza: Offroad, or Forza: Watersports, or whatever.
Only time will tell.

Can anyone tell if there is going to be a FORZA MOTORSPORT 8 and is FORZA 7 is the last one and from now on its only going to be FORZA HORIZON GAMES.


Turn 10 has already confirmed they are working on “The next Forza Motorsport”, and the Creative Director did mention a few things they are doing to improve on the physics engine for the next title during the last Forza Monthly livestream.
Likely we will finally see it at E3 2020 as a launch title for the Next Gen Xbox Console.

Looks like it’ll be launching on PC, Xbox One and the X too.

Let’s hope they build it as an evolving platform instead as just the next two-yearly iteration

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I would be Ok with this. When it comes to a racing game like Forza the “Games-as-service” format would work pretty well. Releasing Yearly passes with new tracks, cars, and campaign while only releasing a full new game every 5-6 years I think would work for a game like Forza Motorsport. Though to make sure the playbase in Multiplayer doesn’t get split make all new tracks available to everyone in Multiplayer but require owning the DLC to use them in singleplayer or private lobbies, Kinda like how Gear of War 4 handled new maps.

Games as a service only works when enough people are buying the content. The fact is the motorsport titles already have a lot of content and most people don’t end up buying the dlc. Theres also the fact that the type of content forza contains is all licenced which means it has to be sold for more money than something like a skin for a weapon or an outfit for a character.

Realistically they’d make more money doing what they’re doing than offering a yearly update. After a year how many people would still be playing? How many tracks could realistically be added for a decent price that people would actually buy? If the base game has 800 cars how many people would find the need to pay for more? The campaign has been basically the same since its inception, who would pay for another slight variation of it? If they did do something like this it would just lead to more fatigue of the series because we wouldn’t get the “new” graphics, physics, sounds and features etc of a new game.

Forza Horizon 4 is similar to a games as a service except it doesn’t charge money in the conventional way, it sells game pass subscriptions to get people to play and then hooks them into sticking around and possibly buying the dlc. I’m not sure motorsport could do the same which is probably why it’s not on game pass. Horizon has become very popular and it just draws in more people than motorsport ever will it’s as simple as that. I think if motorsport started getting to deep into paid content it’ll push more people away especially when they could just play horizon and do some perfect passes and get a free car.

Do we even have confirmation from PG that there will be a FH5 being revealed in June sometime? With E3 cancelled this year, will PG do a live stream reveal instead in June? There are a lot of folks wondering about the reveal of FH5 this year!

I saw a rumour on many sites about Horizon before Motorsport. Can somebody tell me how would it work? T10 shoud work on game engine, right? So it’s not possible to release new Horizon on it I guess. I hardly think PG used some old stuff for new Horizon?

I don’t know how it work but I’m so exciting to hear that Horizon 5 is on the way, might deliver earlier than Motorsport 8, even it’s just a rumor. I have fate in the series, I did try to buy a Xbox Series but it all sold out, I also hope to have better luck of me in the future. Japan or not, it will be another great episode of the Horizon. Horizon 4 alone is worth the investment, I want to add this for long.

Yeah, I saw the new rumour too that M8 will be very late - makes sense. But I wonder what tech do you use for H5 :frowning: Maybe they did some kind of split, who knows.

I wanted dirt surface in Horizon and that’s all I need which is maybe possible to create as a some addon to current tech.

My guess was the tech is too old to develop so it’s better to start over. But H5 is a mystery then.

All these [mod edit - wsd - profanity] thinking forzahorizon5 will be released first when they brought content out for horizon 4 this month in June but with Motorsport 7 they haven’t bought content out for at least a year or so anyone else agree with me that Motorsport 8 will get released first…¿