Will we get this today in Australia ?

Just wondering if we get this today in Australia as its the 16th just now here ? or is it 16th US timezone ?


I also am wondering the same,
but i have a 50/50 feeling that it may be released when the us becomes the 16th
so midnight Tuesday for us aussies

Expect a morning release on the American west coast (Pacific Time), which is 8 hours behind UK time. No clue what that might be Aussie time. Then again, I’m just guessing, but I doubt it’ll be released at midnight US time.

Usually the marketplace gets updated between 9am - 11am uk time
so whatever your aussie equivalent is :slight_smile:


Should be around 6-8 PM tomorrow for Australia.

bummer, since it’ll probably take me 24 hrs to download and I can’t play at night, I’ll get to play it on Thursday. yay

This^ Though I believe that’s for 360, Xbox One I’m pretty sure gets updated around 6pm-8pm from what I’ve seen of past Forza 5 DLCs

Usually content like this is released when it’s 9pm here in Melbourne for me, so same for Sydney too and other east coast places, but not sure on Queensland and Tasmania, they are weird there :slight_smile: