Will we ever see a fix for the rain/water drops?

Water drops getting stuck to the windshield and camera…

I know it was never addressed in FH4, but it’s so much worse in FH5. It carries over into the garage, photo mode, everything. I play in first-person; if a race is in the rain, the load-in forces drops on the screen and then they’re stuck for the entire race, and sometimes even once back on the map after the race. Or if you’re in third-person when the rain stops/after driving through water, it will be stuck to the windshield.

Come on, Playground… please. It’s so frustrating that it carried over from the previous game.


i agree. i am a painter and nothing is more annoying than going outside to see my progress on my livery in the daylight, find it raining and having the water droplets carry over into the livery creation screen. the only way to fix it is to save my progress, quit the game and restart it.