Will we be able to modify Forza Horizon 3 on PC

Something I’m curious about (though I will never play the PC version) is whether we will be able to modify Forza Horizon 3 on PC. If we can, I think they should be banned in PUBLIC multiplayer, but allowed in private lobbies. This is a big thing for some of the PC community, and I haven’t seen this question asked yet.

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I doubt it. I’m pretty sure you can’t mod any games from the Windows Store. (At least not legally, or easily)

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You won’t be able mod anything what I’ve read about win 10 store games.

For such things as Bethesda’s games it is for sure, not for online-oriented racing games though.

There have been multiple racing games with large modding communities, such as older Need For Speed titles, BeamNG.drive, Burnout Paradise, and, while it’s not a racing game, it is multiplayer centric, GTA V. If I remember correctly, the horrible Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2 was modified by adding the Mazda RX-3.

You cant forget Assetto Corsa.

But yes there will be mods, no game is unhackable its just whether its worth the effort or not, but you likely wont see it for a while. Its pretty obvious to spot modders especially on leaderboards so they dont bug me too much TBH. I think Mods could make this one if the best games around if they encouraged adding models and new cars in, maybe even character customization. All they would need to do is do something like Fallout where you can pick presets and punch in numbers and have their engine make its own PI rating to keep it “balanced” with modded cars having their own classification in leaderboards. Or do a thing like Steam where T10 could approve of mods so that they arent OP and the employees can tweak the car if they feel its too powerful.

Anyways I guess we can only dream and wait for the Mod communitues to grow, things like Kingdom Come:Deliverance is a game im looking forward too because they are allowing mods which means I can make custom weapons and armor. Its really helping out the mod community and ultimately makes games better because people are willing to work for free to put in more content to your game… just my 2 cents.

There will be no modding without getting banned.



Even Rockstar Games is fine with modding in Singleplayer, I could see modding while offline being something that is allowed.

Different companies, different policies.

Rockstar allows it, Bethesda even encourages it.

Microsoft and T10 do not. Simple as that.

Yes look how gta 5 turned out its full of modders with folk doing money cheat and xp cheat etc, etc.

The same thing is happening on the Xbox 360 Forza titles, and will eventually happen on Xbox One (especially since it practically runs Windows 10).

Won’t happen. No way in hell because of three reasons.

  1. You can easily glitch out friends on Xbox during Campaign Co-Op.

  2. Because of Play Anywhere, the stuff you modded in will probably break the Xbox version.

  3. Microsoft doesn’t support modding for a good reason on the Windows Store. People will find ways to exploit the game beyond how MS would’ve intended it.

Q: Has Playground considered a modding feature similar to Fallout 4 beyond ‘Blueprint’?
A: “Yeah…” [but no]. - Ralph Fulton interview video: http://www.motorworldhype.com/2016/09/hype-we-preview-forza-horizon-3-and-talk-to-ralph-fulton-next-to-a-giant-tv-video/

I don’t think FH3 needs any modding to be honest. The game looks fine as it is.

Now only if the devs would give us some more post-release feature upgrades instead of just the DLCs, expansions and only minimalistic bugfixes. Like seeing a patch down the line to add factory settings for ABS, traction control and stability would be great!

I guess I’m just way too spoiled by free patch/content updates by Blizzard for all their games.

Dont be surprised if FH3 and Gears4 is enough to push the modding scene to crack it. (UWP modding, not piracy).

Apex can be tweaked, Minecraft has textures, all it will take is a big enough profile title and thirst and it will happen. (FH3 has both in spades right now)

Injectors, thats a different story, for now.

Just remember: If you mod and get caught, you will be banned.