Will they change anything?

I am now kinda at my wits end with all these issues as far as multiplayer issues, stupid wheelspins etc. My question is will Microsoft/Playground/Turn10 do anything to change it or will they just say “Oh, I am sorry you don’t like that.” and move on? Curious as to what normally happens with these games. I kinda feel stupid paying for the Ultimate Edition.

They’re always looking at ways to improve so perhaps some changes that you’ll like might be coming. You’ll just have to wait and see.


My question is if people are complaining enough about something like the wheelspins can they even change it?

What’s wrong with wheelspins? If they’re not working as intended, you should submit a ticket on the support page.


Sorry for butting in here, but I believe the OP is referring to the wheelspins being stupid due to the stupid prizes IE stupid clothing and emotes.

Exactly, for example the multiplayer is getting numerous complaints because we are forced to play in Teams and not solo and collision is ALWAYS on compared to the last game. As well as wheelspins, 99% of people are complaining that there shouldn’t be horns/cloths/emotes so can they REALLY change that and remove that stuff or will it always be a thing. Sounds like there are a lot of issues but nothing can be done about them without reworking everything, and do they honestly care that much to change it or just let people complain?

Why are they not at least acknowledging issues? Even a “we acknowledge this issue and are looking into it” would give so many peace of mind within the longer threads here. Personally talking about multiplayer but it goes for all of the issues players have been having.

Turn 10 are notorious for keeping their cards close to their chest. They’re not going to respond to thread after thread after thread on the forums as they’d be spending all day just replying instead of, you know, working on things. This is nothing new, it’s been this way from day one. We’d all like more communication but they have their reasons. That said, you should make sure you’re looking at where they will likely tell you what they’re working on and that’s the Week in Review and the one for this week should be popping up shortly.


The wheelspins are working precisely as intended. You activate a spin, you get one item for a regular spin and three items for a super spin.

The wheelspin mechanism is under no obligation to give you only what you want, much less most of what you want. Remember, their goal is not your goal. Every time you win something with no credit value in the game, your dopamine receptors register a pleasurable spite from winning that then slowly dissipates due to your dissatisfaction with the prize. Either way, the developer wins.

It’s not broken, you’re just experiencing a variation of the Gambler’s Fallacy.


Exactly this!!!

As an avid slots player (fake money - my real money gambling days are over) I can assure you that winning decent cars and credits is far more pleasurable when uncertain.

I just don’t get the negativity. I wish they just include an “unlock everything” button for the “want it now” crowd so the rest of us can get on with actually playing the game to get rewarded.


I honestly wouldn’t mind if wheelspins were removed entirely from the Horizon franchise. There was enough negative feedback that they’re pulling lootboxes from FM7, and since wheelspins are exactly the same thing (put credits in, get a random prize, for many prizes lootboxes/wheelspins are the only way to get them) I’m hopeful that they’ll reconsider this game mechanic. I know that it’s an addictive and enjoyable mechanic for some people, for me it’s just yet another low-effort time sink to pad game time.

But unlike call of duty and 90% of EA games, you arnt required to pay for wheelspins with real money, its with forza points which you earn for 10 minutes repetative work, no hardship and at the end of the day you arnt losing out on money.

believe me if you thought the multiplayer complaints are bad, imaging this same wheelspin scenario but with real life currency involved, would be anarchy on here

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I know that wheelspins don’t cost real money (thankfully), but they’re still a cheap mechanic for padding game time, and they do waste my time.

If Forza had these wheelspins tied to real-money microtransactions the uproar would probably be on the mainstream media already with how high-profile this game is.

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While you’re away on holiday, maybe give some serious thought on how you might like to continue if and when you come back to the forums.


I care less about useless wheelspins and more about removing class based rivals and leaderboards. Or making this FH4: Participation Trophy Edition now that last is as good as first. Or how FH3 had 63 exhibition races and 63 championships yet this only has 70 exhibition races. Does PG really think the seasonal events are supposed to make up for that? PG needs to follow T10 and spend the next few years fixing this instead of working on a sequel. The 2 year turnaround has finally caught up to Forza. All these new features are causing standard features to be dropped and cause gamers to react like we’re seeing. Add to that the fact that there’s complete radio silence from anyone in charge and it only gets worse.

I really hate that every time there’s a new Forza we have to be as loud as we can just to get things fixed. It shouldn’t be that hard to get some communication going but T10/PG don’t appear to care enough.


And now that, predictably, we’re well off topic from the initial post, this thread has now run it’s course.

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