Will there be a smartphone App to display telemetry data?

Many sim racing game on PC have Apps to display telemetry data, first party or third party.

Put the phone on the wheel, you can see the speed, current gear and shift indicator.

If forza 6 has a smartphone App, That would be great.

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I would love that. I love driving with all of the hud off in forza 5 but it’s a little difficult. I don’t know what position I am in, how much fuel I have or wheter I am decreasing or increasing my speed (In Lap times). A telementry app would be awsome because I have a TX wheel, so it would feel more authentic if I had a speedo, and It would get rid of the hud that clutters up the screen. They did something kind of similar to this in horizon 1. You could use your phone as a gps, so theres no reason why they can’t do this because to me an interactive telementry seems easier to create than an interactive gps.

We don’t know yet. Find out more as we get closer to release.

Would be very cool if something like this becomes reality.

With all this Windows 10 integration talk, it may very well be possible.

It should be easy to do and it would be awesome. Turning all HUD-elements off and have all the information on a phone / tablet.

I would like this. Make it work for Windows phone too. Please have a mode that only shows selected gear and RPM’s. That way I can turn my HUD completely off while playing.

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Given Win10, and by default, Windows Phone can now run Android and iOS apps natively, we should be able to just use the likes of Dashboard pro etc*

*obviously if T10 provide the API and the apps are updated to use it.

Well… Yeah, when Windows 10 goes live. But for now I can’t use that app.

I love the phone, but I hate the “App gap”.

Would be totally awesome to play with all the hud off. I do that already but I’m better with it on. It also would add a sense of more realism to the game. I always thought games looked better without the hud. It’s hard to explain beut the game almost looks - Fresh without the hud.

Not only telemetry, but a tuning calculator as well wouldn’t be remiss. Maybe even track info screens, with corner and elevation information.

They could make a sweet app with everything you need so you could spend most of your game time on track.

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Instead of having yet another app installed on my phone/tablet, they could just use SmartGlass to do that stuff. It’s so under utilized.

Dead Rising 3 used it pretty well, and I so wished Horizon 2 would have used it, but that was not to be.

It’s because we’re in 2015 and that’s the release date of FM6 but sould it have a companion app a ?