Will there be a leaderboard wipe?

I only ask, as more and more “suspect times” are appearing on the Leaderboards. Perhaps I’m just too slow.

nope… they will not wipe the leaderboard…

They have done, in past Forzas. Being a relatively new game, it shouldn’t cause too much unrest.

in forza 6 after some changes in the tracks for corner cutters they didnt wipe the leaderboard… so i dont think they will

Yeah, I remember. They made changes for the esports races and never altered the leaderboards. That was quite late on in Forza 6. The last wipe I remember was in Forza 4.

exactly… good if they will do but i dont have much hope for a leaderboard wipe…

They did wipe the leaderboards in FM6 over the transmission glitch that some cars had however so there may be hope.

on Prague you can hit the wall as many times you like , even hit the tire rack and nit dirty your lap BUT don’t touch the sidewalk with one tire or the lap gets dirty.

As long as the walls are sticky, I’m not bothered. It’s the other little nuances that are more cause for concern.

Agree. walls wont make you faster…unless your bounced off of then just perfectly :neutral_face:

They may just fix problem areas and leave it at that

Its crap not knowing if some people have used fric assist to run there times, i wont be playing until the glitch is fixed and lbs are wiped.


Me and the guys I run with are not too slow but find ourselves 3 seconds behind someone, on a track that’s less than a minute long.

They all seem to have the little half moon on their traction assists.

Yeah, I was 11th on some leaderboard the other day (F1 Renault in the rain Sebring full - there were only 189 times recorded in total), which is an all time record for me. The guy/gal at #1 was ~2 seconds quicker than the #2 person. Sure, that seems legit. Luckily I don’t care too much about LBs. If I did I would be REALLY ticked at this.

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When it comes to racing in the rain, people are creating private lobbies and selecting “overcast”, or something like that. It doesn’t rain but it counts on the rain leaderboards. Allowing them to set considerably quicker times than those who genuinely raced in the rain.

In free play if you set it for a rain track, the rain doesn’t start until the end of the second lap. So basically on lap 2 if you stay clean the time will be way ahead of any ones time when the rain is actually falling. That’s another thing they will need to change. If theres going to be dynamic weather they shouldn’t bother with a leaderboard for it as the track conditions are never the same. Or at least invalidate the laps until the rain starts.

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That depends. we can adjust when the rain starts and end. if its gonna rain allot ore litle, when there will be allot of rain and when there will be litte and so on… you can begin the race in a thunder storm if you like an end it with clear weather ore wise-versa.(see the achievnment for changing wather forecast in free play)

Every new Forza is the same. very few people are running the boards and as such, there are usually big gaps in time, between LB positions.

We all know who the fast guys are, so to see them so far behind, in the same car, it’s questionable.

Yea there’s a lot of LB times with with less than competitive top times. I have a NO1 times that 14 secs faster than 2nd places. And that’s my first’s lap lol.
Most people don’t understand or like the LB’'s right now and aren’t running them.

Have any of you watch the top LB replays for the Autocross events. Its more like a bowling event. Kinda defeats the purpose of placing cones on the track :slight_smile: