Will the Vorsteiner 570-VX come to Forza ?


I have just seen this thread on Forzacentral and, as I did not see anything at this forum, I was wondering if it will be true. Although I do not like too much this Mclaren, it would be great news if they start adding some brand new kits.


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This seems to have more credibility than other “x car was scanned and will be in Forza soon” rumors in the past. http://goldrushrally.com/ has the “Forza Motorsport” logo listed as a partner. From archive.org it looks like the website was updated recently, but there’s also no date on the selection announcement.

They’re using a pic from FM7 (the suit looks like Ukyo Takagi in Forza Favorites) and “the next Forza Motorsport video game.” The GoldRush Rally seems more like the Forza Fuel road trips for the Forza Horizon series, but back in FM4, there were custom-built cars in DLC that were picked from cars at a Forza E3 show:

Without a date though, this could be in the next DLC, or the last FM7 DLC, or a later game.

May 16: https://twitter.com/ForzaMotorsport/status/864574599245070336
“Welcoming the @goldRushRally to Forza HQ today!”



Thanks for your answer Max!

Inb4 they just send everybody a 570S with some Forza aero