Will racecar hoppers reflect real life categories?

One of my biggest gripes in FM6 was how the GT racecars were all just tossed into R class with no segregation between the different classes. This meant that all of the GT3 cars were useless online since the GT2 and GT1 cars were in the same class. Not to mention all the classic racers from formula and road racing series which were also just packed into the same class and were also useless except on specific tracks.

I’d really like to see Turn 10 create online hoppers that separate the racecars to their respective real-life class, so GT3 cars would have their own hopper, and classic formula cars would have theirs. Same goes to prototype and modern F1 cars.


Not to be the eternal pessimist, but Dan Greenwalt basically said that no thought was given to public hoppers at all and that they will remain largely the same as in FM6. Microsoft just wanted the game to look good on the Xbox One X; they don’t care how it plays.


And so, for many, a once great franchise is damned…

Probably has been said twice or more before. Ah, well.

A new fool is born every day. Many more, actually.

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/pessimism mode is a go

This is one of the reasons I’m not interested anymore in the Forza franchise. After coming from PS3 to XBox One and having bought the Ultimate Editions of FM5, FH2, FH6, FH3 I’ve now seen enough of it and will pass on Forza 7 for sure. I want more realism and Forza Motorsport simply cannot offer it to the level I want it. I already made a post about this on the GT Planet forums so I will just copy/paste it here :

Good points and anything you say here points towards Project CARS 2. If you are interested in the most true sim experience of all 3 titles it will hands down stand way above the other 2 titles. It will have true race weekends with practice, qualifying and the main race(s). It will truly simulate the state of the tarmac being affected by the heat and direction of the sun, rain, snow, seasons, dirt and other drivers rubbering in the track. It keeps true to realistic motorsport simulation with GTE, GTE3, GT4, GT5, LMP1, LMP2, LMP900, LMGTP etc each in their own classes (in Forza all GT are just mixed together and all LMP are just mixed together, it’s so unrealistic). It has formation laps, it has fully animated pit crews and manual pit stops, it has realistic assists depending on the car you drive (instead of ON of OFF you can select REAL so that a modern LMP1 does have some assists and a classic Escort Mk1 does not have them), it has rallycross in it and it has about TWICE as much tracks as FM7 (FM7 having only 30 locations, PCARS2 having over 60 locations).

If a sim (or even gaming with some assists on) but most of all a realistic motorsports racing experience is what you are looking for then Project CARS is hands down the winner. I played PCARS1 as well and have been closely monitoring PC2 development since february and it will be ace.

I used to play GT5 and GT6 as well on the PS3 but that feels so long ago as well. Personally I don’t like the Vision GT program at all and I think it’s a waste of energy from the devs. Also GT:S will severely lack tracks compared to the other 2 titles, I believe they only had just over 20 locations? Not to mention they only have static weather so forget about that awesome endurance racing experience in Project CARS when time of day is changing from day to night racing.

I also own FM5 and FM6. The Forza series is a package that sells well for the kids (granted I’m over 40 years old and there is still a part of a kid in me so hey, I do get some enjoyment out of it as well). On the surface it looks really slick and cool. There is a very high level of polish in Forza, it all looks really nice. But if you dig deeper down through the surface and want to fully immerse yourself then you will run into it’s shortcomings. Assists are generic across the entire game, no option for “real” per car. There is this silly rewind button which you can turn off ofcourse but just shows how serious the devs take their game. Car classes are just 1 big pile of unrealistic grids (GTE, GT3, Super GT, super Trofeo all get thrown on the same grid), you have this silly PI system that allows you to unrealistically upgrade low tier cars to the point you can race against higher tier cars (a fully upgraded Jeep Willys can beat a Lamborghini and other nonsense like that). Also between Forza titles there is almost no innovation, it’s just the same old over and over again. FM6 felt like FM5.1 with just some extra cars and tracks. Well I’m sure FM7 will just feel like FM5.2 with the same old stuff again. Generic boring car sounds, a copy/paste of hundreds of cars from FM6, the same type of rat races where you start at 24th place and have 3 laps to race to the podium. Yes there is some new fluff like dynamic weather (it’s just dynamic rain/clouds and probably on just a few tracks, it’s not dynamic day/night!), there is a lot of blah blah about 300 new driver avatars but in the end you just need 1 dude in your car so it all feels just like camouflaging the real underlying problems, and from what I’ve seen so far all these underlying problems from previous versions will still be there. In the end it is a great title if you don’t own any previous Forza games yet (so it feels fresh) and if you don’t take it too serious, certainly don’t look at it as a sim but as a game instead.

I got the Ultimate editions of FM5, FM6, FH2 and FH3 but I have seen enough about the copy/paste policy of this studio. I’m not preordering or buying anything now. September 22th I will eagerly be playing PC2 and October 3rd I will still be doing that.



Yea I have to agree about PC2. Easily the closest you’ll get to a real racing sim on console besides maybe Assetto (which was stripped of many cars and features so technically isn’t even the full game). I’ll wait another month or two to hear more news about FM7 but if the news doesn’t get any better then I will definitely be getting PC2.

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