Will Multiplayer Have Lobbies This Time?

Have they announced yet if multiplayer will play like it did in FH2 or if there will be race/event specific lobbies like in the first Horizon? I’m definitely hoping for the latter, or at least their inclusion alongside a FH2 style multiplayer. Without lobbies it was next to impossible to race the types of races I wanted to in FH2. If FH3’s multiplayer ends up being just the same setup as FH2 then I can’t see getting it, which would be a shame.


From the announcement article: " seamless multiplayer with no lobbies" expect the same as FH2.

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That’s a shame. I miss the FH1 lobbies, was so much more enjoyable. I liked to choose a new car every race

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That’s too bad. I remember a lot of people complaining about that in FH2 in the forums. It’s too bad that no one seems to listen about stuff like this. For me multiplayer makes racing games and Forza has been making such horrible decisions in regards to multiplayer recently that it’s killed my enjoyment of the games. It’s such a shame because they do such a good job with the actually gameplay, but they don’t give you the means to enjoy what’s there.

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Totally with you on that, FH1 lobbies worked really well with my experiences, I really hope that this game won’t be as difficult to play online as it was on FH2.

I cannot agree with you more. Specifically Horizon 1 was the last forza with multiplayer I liked. I met alot of great people in custom lobbies who wanted to play what I wanted to play. Many all nighters were had with 8 of us playing tag on Beaumont. I understand tag (infected) isn’t a popular race type, but that’s where most of the fun was had for myself, and exactly why Custom lobbies are needed. Custom Lobbies allowed us who wanted to play infected over and over, play infected over and over. Horizon 2 multiplayer was a total mess. Couldnt get a tag lobby going to save my life. Horizon 1 allowed the player to experience the game the way THEY wanted, not the way the publisher wanted. This reason and this reason alone is why I will not be purchasing Horizon 3.

you can still do that though lol, just hop in garage and switch cars or while you join the custom race just select another car

What I miss most is the lobbies, as well. In the original Horizon, I could just search for a free roam lobby if I wanted to cruise (I know, ridiculous and a big time waster, but it was fun) or if I wanted to just get mass XP just join an infected lobby and get the infected player to just sit there, boom, mass XP for everyone.

I’m not sure if that’s how infected games work in Horizon 2 yet simply because the first infected person wants to straight up try to tag everyone at one time. Plus, I haven’t been in a group cruise in Horizon 2 until two hours ago. I’ve been playing the game online since I bought it two years ago. That’s why lobbyless multiplayer sucks, and that’s one reason why Horizon 2 sucks. It’s still a great game, don’t get me wrong on that, just the choices that Turn10 made to attempt to make everyone play it the way they wanted us to… I don’t even know what to say, erm… type on that.

That’s a shame if it’s the case because the only real dowside to FH2 was the online. First, free-roam was awful as only one guy could make a race. Then, no one else could know what race it would be so had no idea what car to pick (e.g supercar for cross country). Also, the Road Trips. You couldn’t chose whatever class you wanted to race and the events almost exclusively forced you to choose an off-road car. And then there was the scoring system - it didnt matter if you won every race because if someone decided to drift, they automatically won.

Agreed. The way Online road trips were won through drifting is just plain stupid. They should have made it at least in such a way, that race victories counted more than drifting and that drifting counted more in those roadtrips between the races to get a good balance between both styles. Also playground games shouldnt have been a part of those roadtrips.

What I would like to see again from FH2 are the car meet races. Those are really good, especially multi class where the higher PI cars had time gaps to catch up. The only improvement I see for them are to have more than just 4 tracks to race on of that certain area.

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Hi, new to the Horizon universe.
How does MP works exactly ? How do you switch from SP to MP free roam in this game ?

Is it possible to play 100% by yourself, alone without ANY other player roaming the map ?
This game is not like The Crew right ?

Thanks a lot.

In an online road trip? I don’t think you can… Could be mistaken, it has been awhile since I’ve played. I don’t play the free roam, because I do not enjoy racing the same exact event over and over.

I miss the FH1 online lobby style because each race was a new class that the majority voted for, each race I had a different, very enjoyable track, and each race I could choose a specific car that I knew I did well in on the particular track. That’s what I don’t like about FH2, I never knew exactly what track I was going to get so I could never choose a car I enjoyed to race.

No it is nothing like the crew.Apart from the fact you can do a sort of ‘co op’ singleplayer, as of now we/I am not sure but in FH2 there was a singleplayer and to use multiplayer you had to acess Online Freeroam or Online Roadtrip using the in game menu (you obviously required Xbox live).


Thanks a lot. I love it when games give players the choice of SP and MP and not make the game MP by default.

Really awesome that i will be able to enjoy the game world completely by myself unlike The Crew. And if i choose to i can join an online game (co-op or seamless MP free roam).

Great stuff.

Gold won’t be required on PC even if you want to play MP.

Hopefully there is enough time for them to realize how big of an issue this really is and do something about it before launch. The one and only reason I didnt like FH2 was because the lack of CPLs. Its nice they are finally listening to us and bringing back the auction house, adding widebody kits, and a few other cool features… However, none of that matters to me without being able to easily find likemided players. If horizon 3 doesn’t have custom public lobbies then I definitely will not be buying it.

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As much as I would love for them to change it, they wont. Playground games and Turn10 don’t care what we want exactly. They want to (and have the right to) make the game the way they want. Not to mention playground and Turn10 have an absolutely terrible track record of fixing bugs in multiplayer. Once they have your money they don’t care. Even if everyone with a problem with multiplayer doesn’t buy it, there is always a new group of young gamers who don’t care what forza horizon1 had, and will have mommy and daddy buy it for them. Horizon 3 will still sell very well. So to the developer and Microsoft, what we (gamers who feel Horizon1 was superior) want doesn’t matter. It really is a shame because the game world and graphics look incredible. The game will be a solid release. It will make everyone involved lots of money.

I dusted off the 360 and played horizon 1 multiplayer the other night. For everyone who misses it, this is our only option.

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So just to confirm : you can completely close your game off to strangers and friends alike ?
I want to play solo with no one else around, I want to free roam by myself without running into anyone.

How do you switch from solo to multiplayer by the way ?

I already know events can be played solo or co-op but what about the open world ? Can it be enjoyed solo as well or will there always be 12 players around you ?

The MP interface and scoring system in FH2 was absolutely horrendous. I can’t imagine a worse way of doing things… and it’s too bad because the game itself is phenominal.

You really need to do something about this, Playground.

If you’re not going to do lobbies, please allow us to see what the race actually is before joining it.
Please let us attach nav points to our friends so we can follow each other.
Please make it so that best finishing position determines who wins, not drift points - you should calculate skill points completely separately from the competition itself.
But seriously, add lobbies that allow us to choose tracks from a list, if we so wish to not have to free-roam around.


My main problems with H2 MP:
Only one race per lobby, and you don’t know what race it is until you join it
Absolutely NO time to choose the right car for said event. 20 seconds to try to find a car when you have over 100 cars in your garage? “Just use the car you’re already in or just go to the garage!” Well, you see the problem is if I’m in my drift car, and someone started a cross country, thats a bad choice. My drift car might be a 240, while my main offroader is a Chevy, but its in the middle of my 10 chevys I already have, 20 seconds is NOT enough, even if you teleport to the garage.

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We need to be able to pick a car class and preferred event type when we go online into multiplayer.

In Horizon 2, I want to race D-C-B class, but I never get to use my favorite cars because everybody votes for S1/S2 every single time. And furthermore we can’t specify street race/rally/King/Infected. Horizon 2 took away our choice and forces us to play through events we don’t want. And we had to do this in an unsuitable car, because the four events on an Online Road Trip are random (off-road, pavement, etc).

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