Will "Motorsport" be on the tyres like FH3?

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Is Forza 7 going to have tyres with markings on like Horizon 3 did? See that personally was a nice touch, something different and unquestionably unique. But I get the feeling due to race cars using different brands they might have blocked that feature? But road cars surely that’s ok?

If anyone knows more, am all ears!

We don’t know yet. Though I would like to see that return in FM7.

Well they had the tyre lettering on the NASCAR Cup machines in FM6, but I’ve not seen any on the racecars from the promo images. That’s a shame to be honest, they already have to get the tyre manufactures licence to be used on the liveries so why they can’t or wont use them on tyres themselves is anyone’s guess.


This is one of the things i miss in Forza and would like to see
I also know about the Goodyear tires of the Nascar in FM6 so i wondered why this works on this cars and no others?
in FH3 you could choose the Forza tyres not bad but for the next Forza it would be realy nice if they add the real tyremarks
nearly all other racegames have it on the Race cars so why not in Forza??

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Yeah it would add a cool touch to the game, especially taking pictures of the cars for photos etc


“Forza” works too.

But my wish would be that you can select the brand of the tires when you purchase them, Forza tires, blank tires, or Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, etc.


I highly doubt that would ever happen, hence why forza should do what PCARS does…make their own made up brand or just put Motorsport on the tyre.

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this was one of my wishes to improve fm since fm 2 and i posted this here since the release of forza 2. a working pit crew and letters on tires is more more important for the immersion and atmosphere as inflated unrealistic moving car parts… /sarcasm on -maybe they’re heading more to make a new arcade-style racing game (nascar in fm 6 feels more like a “Daytona USA 3-arcade”-machine) than a realistic game - so why they should make letters on tires…

i have the bad feeling they (you, the makers of forza) just don’t (want) to hear us!

off topic: on gamescom same gameplay-footage like on E3? no new footage? are u kidding me? i bet the demo will have the same gameplay… sorry for posting this off topic here… didn’t want to start a new thread extra for this…

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Are you sure about that? There’s demos shown at Gamescom that are new from E3 and the live stream had footage of the Suzuka track.


ok, sorry then for that.

I would love to have to pit to put on rain tires or intermediate tires.

Just do what SMS has done, make up a tyre company and stick it on the cars. Can’t be that hard, and seems like no one has brought a fault up with that logic.

Just the little things that could make Forza stand out a little better, imo.

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that’s not the option we want… there are enough cars ingame with tire companies on the car already… we want the TIRE companies on the TIRE… got it?

Good look getting licences for them TYRE manufacturers…got it?

Lol I didn’t know “…got it?” Was the new savvy! :stuck_out_tongue:
For me, I’d just be happy with Forza Motorsport on the tires.

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I merely was following your lead :wink: but yes anything on the tyres would be a bonus.

Don’t worry haha I got ya :slight_smile: but yeah any kind of tire lettering would be fantastic, whether it says Forza Motorsport on it or whatever. It would look great on Indy Cars, F1 cars and GT cars. Also changing the colour of the text would be cool.

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I hope that Tyre-Lettering like in Horizon3 returns to Forza 7.
The only problem in Horizon3 with Tyre-Lettering…we can put it on normal cars with the Horizon race tyres, but we are not able to put it on (GT)- Racecars.
Hope for an option in Forza 7 - racecars look more authentic with tyre-lettering.

if I remember right forza went with a single manufacture around 3 or 4 for tire physics, compunds etc…many car makers have their own partnerships and you cant have fake goodyears based on Michelin etc…fm1 and 2 had multiple tire brands. and it might be against the car makers real life partnerships to allow their products to be misrepresented or advertise a different brand. lawyers can make simple things complicated, and complicated things impossible.

No tyre lettering on the FM7-Edition cars?

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