Will Forza ever open up like PCars and remove the grind?

I’ve just received an XBO and after a hefty 18hr install on my limited internet, I was met with the racers dreaded grind. I was looking forward to driving fast cars, in beautiful locations and racing high octane adrenaline pumping cars at break neck speeds. However I was greeted with a little MX5 and felt like I was crawling along with little excitement.

As a Motorsport fan I personally don’t enjoy the grind and welcome games like PCars who allow you access to every car in ever location and let you play the game any way you want. The freedom and enjoyment keep me interested. But knowing I have to drive this awful blow and boring car for days or maybe weeks before I earn enough credits to get into the good cars has honestly turned me off and I don’t think I want to grind all over again.

Would T10 ever consider an open option for those like me who enjoy the freedom of PCars or am I not the demographic they are targeting? Would they consider allowing users to enter a code (that could be included in the box) that allows the user to unlock unlimited in game car purchasing credits (or removes credits) if they desire?

These are just thoughts/ideas perhaps T10 have a better solution to the fans of the genre who don’t enjoy grinding year after year, but who do enjoy the game?

I think PCars and the SMS team have an incredible amount of flexibility fir the gamers, and while grinding can be fun for some, I simply don’t have time and receive no enjoyment from it. I’d love T10 to add an option to just disable the grind, or provide a key/code in the box that allows the user to enter this for unlimited credits etc.

Or perhaps if anyone from T10 is reading this, please feel free to donate enough credits to me to play the game in a more open and enjoyable manner. Until then, I’m not going to grind for the next 3 months, only to throw it away when PCars lands on the consoles.

Will T10 ever remove the grind, would you like it removed, do you enjoy the grind? Thoughts?

The highest flexibility of PCars seems to be the date of release in my opinion…
If you are active in racing you dont need gifted or unlocked credits to get every car.
Just my 2 cents on this,but its really quite easy to earn many credits in any forza title…


Hi’ think this is one for the wish list!! But as you’ve asked Pcars is a new brand in to the market so has to offers something different. As you say some people like the grind some don’t like yourself this alone guarantees many people to buy. I think a lot of thought is going to be involved for Forza 6 with a lot of ideas coming from Pcars !! As for me yea been a bit disappointed with 5 looking forward to Pcars BUT in the same breath looking forward to Forza 6

Wow people dont work for any thing these day. All DLC are free. Forzamotorsport gives out credits every month. All the expensive cars prices were cut in half. The economy is basicly meaningless to average to hardcore player. All because of lazy people.


Not sure that’s accurate.
I see it like this. I have a Fanatec SimRig and I want to race fast cars with my friends at a time that is suitable to me. As I have kids, family, work and old parents to take care of, I really don’t have time to “grind” in a slow car to get to the fun stuff.

I didn’t spend all this money to drive at 18mph round corners in a mx5. I bought my sim rig to race touring cars, f1 cars, classic sports cars etc and that’s a very common attitude. I paid for FM1/2/3/4 but I never actually drove all the cars because… Time!

The reason PCars even came into existence is because of the in car views being removed and the grind. Those customers all supported and invested time/money into SMS and we now have a Game tailored to those needs/wants.

Its not lazy, and it should not upset or scare you to know that some people have different needs and wants and that some people like different things. It’s not lazy to want to drive fast cars with your fanatec CSW, CSP, CSS in your CSL with your friends for a few hours in a game you paid for?.. That’s gaming :slight_smile:

If you enjoy driving MX5 around a track to get 4,000 to save up and buy a fast car in 3 weeks that’s great. But for me, I paid £1500 for my rig, £40 for my game, £350 for my console and £3200 for my tv and with the very limited time I have, I want to race the most exotic cars available around legendary tracks with my friends … Not drive an uninspired MX5 fir 3 weeks to get an upgrade to a golf.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s choice, and one thing everyone should embrace, is choice!

If you want easy buy tokens… I ve had a second account that i resetted a bunch of times. After an hour or two of racing online I always a had enough money to get by.

After you use real world money to buy the car pass or car packs , then yes DLC is free.


As someone who also has limited time to play I can understand where you are coming from. Try using the search bar at the top of the forums page, there a dozens of threads on how to make credits fast. I hope this helps as it worked for me.

OP, use the search feature.

Curtis, tone down the repeated junk you’ve been posting…again.