Wider wheelbases

Is the a way to widen out the wheelbase or give it a wider look

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I wish they put this in the game, I’m sure plenty others wouldn’t agree but it wouldn’t hurt to put it in and it would make my drift cars look so much better

Game wishes go here: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst534_Horizon-2---Wish-List.aspx

And remember, the developers can only do what the real life manufacturers contractually specify for use of their vehicles as depicted in the games.

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Just a note that you widen the track not the wheelbase.

An increase to wheelbase would result in it being lengthened.

Yes, wider wheelbase would be, for example, the Audi A8 and the Audi A8L.

What you want is a wider track - typically done by spacers because actually widening the car is not something you’d want to do on your own - and that A) belongs in the wishlist thread, B) has already been discussed a million and 14 times in said thread, and C) will likely not happen anytime soon. Sorry.

Or with significantly wider wheels with vastly different offsets - again things we have had discussed many times and belong in the wishlists.

Its obviously not going to happen in Horizon2, you would be better placed asking for it in FM6.

Rather than adding a whole new feature an easy solution could be to have the tyres widen outwards rather than inwards. It always seems daft to me that you increase the tyre width which shifts all the brakes etc in, when realistically that would never happen. Its not the ideal solution I know but Im sure its much easier for T10 to implement than a whole new feature to add spacers.

Huh, would you look at that, “spacers” in FH2