Widebody kits

I have a serious question why didn’t turn 10 bring the rocket bunny widebody kits to FH5 like they already have the files for them so why haven’t they added them they need to bring the boss rx3 front conversion kit back for the FD RX7 and the boss kit for the s14 and pretty much all rocket bunny widebody kits so is players have more options to choose from when it comes to making our own style or choosing our own personal preference for bodykits

It was never confirmed, but most people believe it was a licensing issue. Which makes perfect sense. They might have the files but without the permissions to use them, they will just sit there. If they get the permissions in the mean time they can just patch everything back into the game pretty easily. But for now, we will just have to use what we have with the other 52 body kits in the game.