To be honest, how many would play this game if it wasent free on gamepass? Sure it is a fun game, but when you played for a while and want to get high scores or play online events its not very fun anymore.

I mean check highscores on for example the roman mile. The top 900! People on that list cheated to get There.

Ranked team advetures well just dont work. If 1 person leaves no1 gets scores. Sounds fair right…

Ranked races are also a waste of time, for example i won 2 races and got 24 points each time, no problem there but on the third race I got third place and got -57 points.

These are not new problems, so why dont they fix it or even respond about it? For me its easy, if hortizon 5 comes out i wont buy, not bec it would be a bad game but bec they dont care about us the players.


i got 2nd 2nd 2nd and got -12 points in ranked races

The points system is flawed for FFA but generally works ok for mid ranking players. It depends on the level of opposition. If you suffer a reasonably large points loss for finishing 2nd or 3rd then the probability is that you’ve lost to someone ranked quite a long way below you. Conversely, beat someone ranked much higher and you can gain big points.

The problem is more at the higher levels. Ritemare I think said he is a league 5 which makes him probably ranked in the top 500 or so in FFA. There’s usually around 30,000-40,000 who do ranked each month, so that would mean he’s in the top 1-2%. What that means is that you end up racing most of the time against lower ranked players and gaining relatively limited points for beating them but suffering quite big losses if they beat you. As there is often a relatively random element to races (starting position, traffic etc) upsets can occur quite regularly. The higher you go, the harder it is to obtain more points.

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It should be hard but in what racing game other than this do you get “punished” for coming third? Thats a podium place. For me it makes no sence. Place 1-3 should always get rewared. Its fine that points are based on what level players are in the race, but when i enter a game i dont choose what level players i want to face off.

LOL, best racing game ever and you are asking who would play it. Horizon doesn’t have any competition.


Horizon is not even near beeing a racing game, just a childish make-fantasy-cars-go-400-game with an Lego add-on

It looks like you haven’t played any online adventures so how can you comment on what you haven’t experienced.

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You can’t ignore facts.

Horizon has more than 700 cars. What other games have it? None.

Horizon has Motorsport tarmac physics which means simulation-like game. What other open world game has it? None.

Three main open areas. A lot of stuff to do. Great game…


Just because you got the game through game pass doesn’t mean the rest of us did.

There is plenty of stuff to do in this game other than ranked, especially if you play with friends. We usually set our own restrictions to build and race. It’s a lot of fun. Of course it would be a lot more fun if convoys weren’t a buggy mess, but from a pure design perspective it’s a ton of fun.


Players in general don’t like to play bad games even when they are free. Now racing games players are even more selective… Oh it’s not even about game quality, but another 3d abot devs not showing enough of their love for the fans.
If I may I would recommend other devs that cares more than T10/PG for their fans… I have it written somewhere… here maybe?nope… that’s odd… it seems I can’t find the note… sorry.
Will be back as soon as I find it.

Because all issues you mentioned are hardly visible from new buyers. Dev team is not working for us, the goal is to make money and money comes with new buyers. They need the game to be stable enough not to be empty but things like top leader board won’t block buyers, ranked is not even 2% of profiles, 4% considering 50% of profiles are fake ( not having achieved at least one season )

They don’t fix just because it is low priority regarding the objectives. If those issues were to come visible from future buyers then, they would care. As of now, image of FH4 from public is a bright success with not a single scratch on its polished paint.

I guess we will soon have some fix for blocked access to pause menu as it could rapidly come as visible issue, not sure for the loop thing and I would be surprised we ever get some fix for ranked.

I bough the game at launch and I’m still playing it (bought outright, not on gamepass). But then I play it because I have fun playing it, not to get an arbitrary number on a scoreboard.

Who cares?

Yeah I get you here - the way points work is a little opaque, but over time it seems to average out correctly. Just play more, worry less.

Well they’re doing something right. Personally the new features they added to the game were far more enjoyable than sorting out a high score leaderboard that I have no interest in. I will buy Horizon 5 when it eventually comes because the games have simply been the best fun I’ve had for years and I get very good value out of them.


I agree that the game is fun, i play it almost everyday. But when you done everything There is to do, online is the only thing left for me to do. And if my “fun” is chasing highscores it kinda sucks that cheaters is taking up most of top 1000. And for devs its really easy to check and delete cheaters scores but they dont. They dont seem to care about fixing problems like I mention for some reason

Its not really something anyone can fix.

Its the four horseman of undesirable players.
Cheaters, hackers, trolls and griefers. All online games are pestered with them.

All ingame leaderboards are filled with obvious cheated highscores.
The last time I checked the rival board for a track the leading entry was 0.02s for a full lap. I reported that two month ago, still there.
Go to any speedzone, the top entry is probably a stock Willis jeep with 470km/h (I guess entries above that get deleted).
Go to any danger sign and the first 1000 entries is simply the distance to the border of the map.

Why aren’t these removed? Well, if you remove the obviously cheated entries, cheaters will cheat less obvious. That’s even worse.

If you try to contain stuff like that you get the situation we now have with Ranked. The strange scoring system is intended to prevent people from cheating their way up (by having their friends/alt-accounts log of or lose on purpose). Its not a bug its a feature (a not very well thought through feature).

Just play it as a single player game and its fine.
If you play it as a multiplayer game you have to accept that you’ll meet undesirable players.

It’s very cheap with Game Pass, so I bought the Standard Edition than the Ultimate upgrade. :slight_smile: Best racing game since Burnout 3 and NFS:Most Wanted 2005.

And cheaters are not everywhere. I do mostly tarmac speed zones and being in top 100 is possible and it’s not that hard. But some PR stunts are really crazy and it’s very clear what is going on :smiley:

I have actually noticed since the last update (may or may not be related) that some of the lists have been getting purged of obvious cheating scores. I used to have a personal goal of getting in the top 5% for each of the events. Many of my scores are within top 3% with a growing number now in the top 1%. But even my best still placed me at like 19,xxxth place. Whatever. But in checking lately, there are a lot less of those D100 and A class cars in the top spots.

But when I trip over 200 mph at Johnston Terrace and see the top spot is over 300, I just don’t care. I am well within the top 1%…and I don’t even have a car tuned to go over 300…so it just doesn’t matter. I just always hated the blatant abuses like the Terradyne that makes 20,000+ ft jumps. At least try to pretend.

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Literally my biggest beef with this game is the inconsistent car sound engineering. I still play it a lot even tho I have to apply EQ band-aids just to get the bass to sit where it should and get the upper mid range to sit where it should as well. I think that’s literally its biggest downfall. Sound.