Why Won't Online Work?

It’s Been Over 8 Day’s I’v Been Trying To Join A Game Online? & It Say’s Dissconnected… So What’s Up T-10???

I see you posting a lot about problems that you’re having with your internet connection and Forza 5 - but no one else is posting about these same issues.

In the CBH thread you made multiple posts about your times not saving to the leaderboard but everyone else in that thread was posting times successfully. Now you’re posting about problems connecting to online games but I don’t see any other posts from the past 8 days where other players had this issue. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that there is a problem specific to you and your internet connection that is causing these issues.

I’d say that your best bet is to contact your internet provider and/or Microsoft Xbox Live Support to get help with the issues you’ve been experiencing.

Good Luck!! I hope that you can get these issues sorted out!

Power down your console by holding the power button on the console. While it is off reboot your modem/router. Then try again.

Installed a system update/restarted… & today i still can’t join any online tag races. just say’s joining game, & then say’s cannot join. i’v never even played this game online before! & i’m noticing those connection issue’s, i didn’t have issue’s in the Titanfall BETA! Game ran smooth! all i have at the moment is Wi-Fi! No Direct connection’s… I Maybe able to use my phones internet & i know that would be faster, but it would cost me! & i can probably get it tethered with a Micro USB To Ethernet cable. That would make the Xbox’s internet speed s much better if it work’s!

I’m going to take a guess that your wireless connection has everything to do with your connectivity issues. To my understanding, due to the nature of racing games such as Forza, the server requires a lot of data to be passed between it and your console to ensure a smooth online experience. If the server recognizes the lack in signal strength and/or your ping levels, perhaps its giving you the boot via the disconnect message. You really ought to get your consoled wired up - only for some owners who have strong internet connections and good wireless range can utilize Wi-Fi for online gaming.

Have you done a cold reboot. The default console does not do a full cold reboot. Do that by holding down the power button.

Yep… It loads for awhile, say’s connecting to server for awhile & than says it cannot connect to server. every other game seem’s to be working! are the server’s down by chance? or does FM5 Require more internet speed or something?

Something appears to be wrong with your connection.

Do me a favor and go


and here

then post your results. It will give you a forum share option after it’s complete. You will have to enable java then you can disable it. These sites will not harm your PC, I promise.

Ahhh do those site’s work in IE On Xbox One? That will show better result’s than my laptop which is closer to the heart of the Wi-Fi!

No idea…move your laptop into the room with the console for a minute? It doesn’t take long at all.

Nahh both site’s require Java & the IE On X-One Doesn’t have Java Support. :frowning:
It comes up as the internet has 5 bars & good connection on the setting’s menu for internet. i don’t understand what could be going wrong? maybe someone can invite me into a tag game to get the new challenge to play 25 tag races or was it 50? & 25 track car gold medal’s i’m going for now. I Hope i can get online soon with the game, still it’s the only game doing this to me! if i can meet someone to join them than it might work? but it won’t get into any races at all, i haven’t tried any other modes, but i’m going for a tag lobby if anyone can send a friend request & a game request it might let me join. is anyone playing online right now? i thought i seen other’s talking about the servers being down? :confused:

Your connection has been a consistent and constant issue though, I doubt it’s the servers because I have friends playing it online right now.

You are operating on WiFi that is obviously at a distance and weak. You are probably dropping a lot of packets and it isn’t allowing you to do anything. If your cell phone is a better option I’m certain you have issues beyond Forza.

Go into your routers settings and look for a setting called ‘ipsec passthrough’. Enable it, and turn off router and xbox one. Then turn on router, leave for 5 mins or so, and then turn on xbox one. See if that helps.
Who is your ISP and make/model of your router? It can help narrow down problems, but the one above is specific to Forza 5 and certain routers.

Yeah that’s the problem, i don’t have access to the router, it’s not mine, it’s the hotel’s! were staying here temporarily sense our house went up in flames… it’s pretty fast internet! i played Titanfall BETA With zero issues online & i was actually having a good time & that’s rare to find online & i even hooked up my mic to the X-One Controller which i never even took out of the plastic yet.

i seen 2 friends online before, so i dunno? is there a Internet Minimum Requirement’s For Forza 5 To Enter A Lobby? Cause it won’t go past the trying to join screen with user’s inside. never played the game once online & the first time i try it completely doesn’t even work… i just get cannot join game. & i back out & try again over & over again & just give up after 5 try’s. figured it’s the server’s? or the internet’s to slow… it’s a Cable modem pretty sure from Comcast… i need to look into a direct line soon!

Just did a Speedtest.net on my laptop & ran 2 test’s!
1’st i got off a laptop "Ping = 50ms, Down = 3.16 Mbps, Up = 0.79 Mbps
2nd test i got "Ping = 36ms, Down = 3.02 Mbps, Up = 0.80 Mbps
So it’s definitely not the greatest connection, it work’s! but not nearly as fast as the internet i had before! :frowning:

That really shouldn’t be a problem, I race with a guy who plays his Xbone out of the back of his AMC gremlin in the parking lot of McDonalds using their WiFi…he has no issues connecting.

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Is this normal?.. Wait, wait…


Why do you know someone like this?

So you’re using hotel wi-fi, but keep bashing T10 about Forza not working online? I’d rather think using a shared connection such as that is where your problems begin and end.
You’ll just have to hang in until you get a new place sorted and a decent connection. It might work for some games, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for all. I’m surprised it works as well as it does.

And because his rare confluence of events caused a fortunate alignment of internet related gaming, means all will? Why do people not get it, online gaming requires lots of synchronisation. It takes one little thing to throw the whole system off balance. So just because one person on McD’s wi-fi can get it to work, it should work with bean cans and bits of string?
Until OP gets his own connection he should stop bashing Turn 10 for something well outside their remit. Turn 10 anticipate people having issues, playing on hotel wifi while homesless isn’t one of them.
OP, all you can honestly do is wait until you get somewhere sorted out and get a decent connection. Until that is done, Turn 10 and Microsoft won’t feel inclined to help. It’s home console, not a hotel console. So to speak. They will not have anything in place for a situation such as this, so it’s a case of waiting really. Hopefully you’ll be housed again soon and able to get online properly.

Yeah, you obviously take this whole internet thing too serious…I was stretching the actual truth on that comment…my bad. However, the person I was talking about’s internet connection is so bad we often accuse him of stealing McD’s WiFi.

Anyway, to offer a more productive comment to the OP…I don’t think you are going to be able to connect for Forza in the hotel…hopefully you get back into your home soon, sucks about losing it in a fire.

Several years ago, while at a conference in Seattle, I stayed in a very well wired hotel near the convention center. Even though I had the RJ-45 cable direct to the wall for my laptop, I needed an adapter (which the hotel furnished) to get Xbox LIVE (on a 360) working properly. Otherwise I couldn’t stay connected at all.

I would suggest checking with the front desk and see if they have any available adapters available. The problem sometimes is they’re running their “DSL” connections from one floor to another, “stringing” modems as it might be, via regular telephone lines so every time someone calls a room or picks up the phone to make a call to the desk, the connection is broken. Even a passing cell phone signal in the hallway would affect it.