Why was filtering multiplayer stripped out?

This design decision just baffles me. (alongside many others present in this game)

I constantly have to join then leave Horizon Open and hope I get the desired race-type, odds are even smaller if I want to play a specific race type AND class.

I preffer A road racing the most, yet the possibility of getting that type of racing is extremely small and eventually after joining and leaving horizon open about 20 times I give up. Joining random convoys is an even bigger stretch and possibilities the convoy leader chooses that race type and class are slim + it takes years to even start a race.

I despise this horrid system of playing random number generator until I get the desired race type, what were the devs thinking?
It wasn’t perfect, but the system was eons better in FH4.

Discussed here: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst168771_You-guys-seriously-removed-custom-adventure.aspx?=