Why this sound direction in off-throttle and downshifting sounds?

The longer I play the game, the more hits and misses I come across, though overall the cars do sounder louder, more aggressive, and for a change, like their real-life versions.

However, they’ve taken a shortcut with some of the car’s downshifting and off-throttle sounds:

The GT350, R10 S, M4, and a few others I can’t recall… you lift off the throttle… and it sounds like the car’s stalling as you mostly hear road noise, rather than the exhaust rumble/sputter or whine of the engine. Then you downshift, and the engine very “lazily” comes to life only for a second before it sounds like its stalling again.

Why do a number of cars sound so weak the moment you go off-throttle completely or downshift while off the throttle? The R10 S has no exhaust crackles at all, and the ZR1’s sound i.e. is the same boring and mechanical sound from FM6.

Please report cars without proper off-throttle and downshifting sounds here. Not at all happy about how weak and quiet these real-world beasts sound in the game when you go off the throttle.

Theres many that are wrong which were actually correct in FH2/fm6, not sure why they couldnt re-use them but we’ll have to hope it gets fixed in a patch

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I’ve only noticed this in a handful of cars, but it’s REALLY bad on some. Lift off the throttle in a 2017 Raptor at less than 3000 RPM and you’d swear the engine fell out.

Yet other cars sound just fine… weird.

The Huracan, M4, AMG GT, seem to have had there lift off popping and banging removed or heavily hushed and the M4 and Z/28 Camaro seem to have had their engine notes changed for the worst. Its weird that they change stuff like that, yet the JLR 5.0s/c V8 gets left unchanged with its poorly done engine sound.

The absence of M4 off-throttle sound is really annoying.

The Acura NSX is another car that’s just too quiet on off throttle. H3 is incomplete and buggy just like F6 on release.