Why they did downgrade the rain?

Hi, in the demo the rain effect was really great but in the final game they did downgrade the rain effects on the windshield. Here is the rain effect in the beta Forza Motorsport 7 - Xbox Showcase: Suzuka rain (Xbox One X 4K) - YouTube and here is the one in the final game Forza Motorsport 7 [XOne] - First 15 Minutes - YouTube hope turn 10 will do something about that downgrade.

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That’s because you’re comparing the graphics from the XBone to the XBoneX, very different graphical differences lol


Nope, they did downgrade too on pc and the xbox one fat, here is the same effect in the first xbox one version of the demo Forza 7 Demo [XOne] - Dynamic Weather Gameplay (Nurburgring) - YouTube this effect was here on the pc demo as well, and in the full game the windshield rain effect is not as good as it was in the demo.


That second link you posted looks identical to the first one you posted graphic wise, which states it was used on the X on 4K, the second video says it was done on the xbone, which I would agree with. Even if the say it was used on the Xbox, doesn’t mean it was actually on the original Xbox. Also, keep in mind that the Demo was 30GB with 3 driveable cars on 3 tracks where the game itself is 100GB, with 700+ driveable cars. Demos never are the same as the actual game because they want to sell the game, not show what it really is like.

Are you kidding?
What does it matter if a game consists 3 or 700 cars. It’s not like 700 cars drive on track at the same time.
Fact is, windshield effect was great in the demo, but is mediocre at best in the final game.
Demo was released two weeks before game. (I know it was probabaly an older build)
But it leaves a bad taste.

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I can understand they would downgrade the first xbox one version but why do that in PC version? Turn 10 did a great job with optimization for this game so they can reverse back to the beautifull rain effects without any major performances impact.


Ok - YouTube another one video with the xbox one fat demo of the game. As you can see here the rain effect was better than in the final game. And this is on the first xbox one not the xbox one X.

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Well it might not be the game. A PC is still bound to it’s own capabilities. Running the bare minimum to play would actually be a downgrade from the original xbone lol. Many high end computers have shown the full visual effects from the game. If I wanted to spend the money on another copy, I would test this out on my laptop since it has 16GB (1 Stick) of DDR4 ram at 2400 and a GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 video card in it so I would be able to run the game at max graphics without any hiccups. So looking at a PC it either can’t handle max graphics and are downgraded, or it is not optimized for max settings ( as in they have not been changed to get it’s full potential.)

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Hey stop saying the OP is wrong. He is absolutely right!

I play on a monster high-end i9 machine with 1080ti SLI 4K and on ULTRA and the rain is horrid compared to the demo. So yes, they did downgrade it for whatever reason. I remember being all OOOOH and AAAAAH when I played the demo and then when I got the game it looked more like GT5 rain with everything on ULTRA.

The rain effects in the demo was the same as it was in forza 6. The main goal when you made a new game is to improve graphics and gameplay, they did improve both but not for the rain. I know this is not the end of the world but i play on PC and the game have only 50% GPU usage with a 2015 GPU (gtx 980ti) so they can reverse this back, at least for the PC version or made it as a graphical option. Even horizon 3 had better rain effects as well as forza 6 apex.

Yes and I see your arguement, but as others will say it could be your 980ti. Your point is valid and a good one. As a computer tech with several years of experience and finishing my BA in IT, it could be several things, including the card you have. It could also be, as I mentioned, dumbed down for size purposes. I agree with you though, it should look as good as the demo and everything should be made to look beautiful.

At this point of time, I think the sway between Gran Turismo and Forza is about to take charge again. Forza really pulled ahead of Gran Turismo with the release of FM 3 and 4, but since 5, Gran Turismo has been making it’s bounds to take its position back to being ontop and with its latest installment, unless Turn 10 opens their eyes, Gran Turismo will dominate Forza again with ease. I can say this because I have played every GT and Forza game that has come out and i saw the change happen, mainly due to Gran Turismo putting off it’s game during that time period, then producing a game with less tracks and cars.


Well my 980ti is not the problem because i have everything maxed out, in the demo with the same rig and settings i had the full rain effect. Even people with 1080TI have this problem. On pc when you set all your settings on ultra you have the exact same visuals effects as someone else with more powerfull rig, only the framerate can change depending on the PC configuration, sometimes there is some limitation with the auto-detect feature that will lock some settings but it’s not the case in this game when your pc meet the recomanded settings for the game. You can also try with your gtx 1070 and you will see that you will have the exact same problem even if your GPU is newer than mine.

Then we solved the riddle, the game was reduced to keep the size down lol. Games will often do that, Ubisoft is wretched for doing this and can be found on virtually all of its games (Division, Wildlands, For Honor, ect) And it is so they can sell the game. It will always happen and no one will ever get a game that is truly more better than a demo.

In this video for exemple FORZA 7 PC Multiple testing 4K MAXED out 1080TI i9 7900X - YouTube someone with a gtx 1080ti have the same downgraded rain effect.

@ Weam, you failed to see the size difference as I mentioned. 30 GB’s of space used on 3 races, which have what, 1 track, 24 racers including you, 3 tracks, 72 cars, and a few effects, vs 700+ cars, 20+ tracks with 3x the size. And you can’t see the difference? Of course it matters between 3 and 700 cars, don’t try to be smart without reading the full context. All you did was make yourself look, for better lack of terms, the tail end of a donkey.

Of course the Demo is an older build, there were videos being posted up before we ever got to play it, AR12 Gaming anyone? The fact is, it was VERY limited play, for the size that a lot of games have been released as in the past few years. Now when we get the full build, and it’s 100GB, with about 10 times the amount of data, and only 3 times the size, we are worried about the visual changes? I would like to see you put that much programming, keeping all your promises, and keep that size to what Turn 10 has done. I gurantold you, you can’t. So they had to make sacrifices and one of those sacrifices, is the rain effects.

Yeah, way to go with ad hominem.

If you can’t keep promises, don’t make them.

If they can’t keep rain effects like in the demo for the final game (for whatever reason, size, performance), then remove it from demo and make it like in the final.
Usually there is consistency or even a step up from demo to final, not a downgrade.
But there are so many downgrades, the rain effect is just one of many.


And that is how we get to become like Ubisoft. Broken promises and lies

I noticed that too, I believe it was done because they were lazy that they did not want to work to eliminate stutters during rain races, so they simply nerfed the rain. I used to get some sort of stutter during rainy races (on PC), now I do not but rain is kinda not there also. Gotta love the problem resolving skills of T10 staff.

Rain is also much more variable in the full game. Ive had storms in the full game which are just as intense as the demo.


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Yes, the rain isn’t constant, as in it starts and or stops, and the rain intensity does change. There’s also the fog that can come in with the rain so there are a lot of things different which makes in interesting still.

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