Why they change 918 Rims from FH2?

Magnesium Rim
It’s 21" Magnesium Rim (FH2)

Std Rim
And 21" Standard Rim (Forza6)

The magnesium rims are 14.9kg lighter then standard rims and more expencive.($32,500)
and it’s standard for Weissach Package.(-41.0kg)


I don’t know why Turn 10 changed the rims but I like the ones from FH2 more.

I much much prefer the FM6 rims.

Persoanlly I was disappointed when those rims made it to FH2 rather than the FM6 ones.

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Aren’t the FM6 ones the standard ones in reality as well? I like FM6 more as well but those from FH2 should have been a rim upgrade.

Wheels, they are called WHEELS… NOT “rims”.

…no, I don’t know who told you that but for cars the “wheel” as a whole is made up of a rim + tire.

Think about why people call it “21-inch rims” instead of “21-inch wheels”.


The thing that i don’t quite understand is it’s not just the wheels but why for a motorsport focused game the 918 doesn’t have the full Weissach Package.

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Same reason the motorsport game has a armoured truck and a limo?

Unfair comparison I’d say.

The 918 (with or without the Weissach Package) is brilliantly quick enough, and the pack doesn’t give a alot of performance enhancement over the regular car.

T10 also have to find a car that’s available, fight for the copyrighting, etc.

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A wheel is made from tires? Didn’t know that…

Proper education :


Rim is the best expression in this context. Wheel is ok as well. Tire sure is wrong.


id have to argue it isnt the best at all when its pretty much talking about the front fascia of the wheel and as your links say

“The rim is the “outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire”.[1] It makes up the outer circular design of the wheel on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles.”

True, a wheel has a rim (well, it has two actually) and the “rim size” dictates wheel diameter and therefore tire size in terms of RXX. They’re actually wheels you guys are discussing. Calling them rims is a fairly recent thing favoured by youngsters but it’s actually wrong.

“Actually”, we were calling them rims in the 60’s…

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Nope. Us gearheads (referring to actual mechanical know-how, not just textbook forzavista facts) have been calling them rims for just about as long as I remember. It’s never been a new thing. In fact, more ‘youngsters’ would call them wheels out of misinformation anyways so I don’t see where that point came from.

If you say you are going to buy two pairs of rims, you are going to buy exactly what we are referring to.

If you are going to buy two pairs of wheels, you are coming home with two pairs of rim-tire combinations.

And if we were to forget the real-life application and go solely off of terms used in the media, racing games back in the N64 era called them rims as well…

Well, I’d have to completely disagree with the idea that the word RIM is just a new one with younger gamers etc.

I turn 63 in May, and back when I was just a wee lad, I purchased 8" and 10" RIMS made specially by Speedy Wheels Sydney, for my 1967 HR Holden Premier.

They were shod with Bridgestone TYRES, and the complete WHEELS were then fitted at home. As I had to make changes to the inner guard on the rear to accomodate the WHEELS.

I ran a custom shop called Blues Magoos Custom Paintworks back in the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s in Liverpool Sydney. Customers would ask what RIMS would look best on their cars, and what TYRES would suit to make up a great WHEEL combination.

I’d have to make up special custom made metal wheel arches to suit them, or even do an arduous cut-n-shut of two rear guards to open up the WHEEL WELL area to house the new WHEELs.

The term WHEEL is the used to refer to the combination of BOTH the tyre (Australisn/English spelling, sorry guys) and the RIMS.

As an example:- We’d say in conversation something alongside the lines of …."hey guys, want to check out my new wheels. I got some great new RIMS made up and had some really awesome Bridgestones added to them… Come to Brickies on Friday night to check them out…I’ll be near the service window…" Or words to that affect…

So, now the nostalgia has worn off…zzzzz sorry, nodded off there for moment, must be my old age meds kicking in…

So, in rounding it out (like that, see what I did…wheel…rounding it out…? No… Oh well…meds kicking in, yep! Lol) the term WHEEL means the entire RIM/TYRE combination.

You upgrade the RIMS and add different TYRES in the Upgrade Section.

The oddity in the upgrade in Forza 6 is that I find is that when we do upgrades to Drag Tyres, we do it on both front and back. When in actuality, in real life, “Slicks” are ONLY USED ON THE REAR, not all four corners.

Making the upgrade useless I reality.

Generally you run the narrowest front WHEELS and the “Slicks” width determined the rear RIM width. As under full acceleration, a slick will deform and grow to the rims width, often increasing the entire diameter of the wheel by several inches. Thus giving you a greater circumference, thus increasing the distance covered by the WHEEL in its complete rotation.

Plus, history will tell us that, even good old Henry Ford had hugs Spoked Rims shod with canvas sheeted Tyres fir strength and durability… Rim and Tyre used in combination to firm a WHEEL as a completed object. Same a a Steering Wheel. It’s made up of three ms I. Components.

The central HUB, the SPOKES and of course the RIM, which in total, makes up a STEERING WHEEL. Same methodology applies.

Make sense?

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Yup, and you got me by about 10 years, :slight_smile:

Even LEGO Porsche 918 has two options.


I know T10 have to scan the cars etc etc. But I’ve always thought that optional manufacturer wheels should be in the game (similar to how you could select optional wheels on Test Drive Unlimited 2). I know it will add to the workload particular finding the cars with the wheels and so forth but it would be an interesting feature.

I must say I slightly prefer the FM6 version of the 918 wheels, but again both options would be great :wink:


That front reminds more of a Enzo than a Porsche with the nose sticking out like that tho