Why there is no UDP telemetry support in the game for extern use?

Why there is no telemetry support in the game for extern use?
It would be nice if this excellent game would be even more emphasized by the addition of the UDP telemetry support, or not?
For example the last two f1 games and also both Project Cars games have it.
Think about it, would it not be worthwhile to patche it in?

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You can post your request in this thread:

Thanx for the advice.

This would be awesome!

I’ve written a dashboard app for my iPad which I use in PC/PC2 - it’s cool having a seperate panel and no gauges superimposed on the screen!

Can a demonstration be provided as to what you are requesting? If posted in the other thread could you link it in this thread?

look at this video, hopefully it makes it clear… :wink: