why the majority of racers in forza are alway cheating and pushing each other

i cant even drive rigth . why people like to push and cheat so much…

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Just give it back, once you get better you learn how to get around them

It’s like driving in Los Angeles during rush hour, very realistic

Simply because they have zero skill.

Unsure if it’s grammar but if you can’t drive right, it might help to brush up your skills… Also, unsure how many Forza you have played but with 600-something Gamerscore on the Xbox, I am inclined to say that some of the mishaps on track can be attributed to your skills?

But as other say, try to let others fight it out on track, follow them and overtake them once they crash or go off track. Has worked for me since Forza Motorsport came out on the original Xbox and still working for me now on Forza Motorsport 5.

In the street racing part of the single player mode you are encouraged too win at all cost, some people online take that abit too seriously, but if you want too win and be competitive then you must learn all the tracks, because the maniacs online don’t know where they are going most of the time and can be easily beat, go into rivals and practice while making lots of cash

That’s an interesting point about pushing etc. When I was trying to get up to a few of the earlier ‘noob’ levels I could not understand what the point was in other drivers not breaking at a corner and just smashing into me thereby taking myself and them out of a good position.

It didn’t take too long for me to figure out how to get around them by improved braking spots and these days now that I’m on the higher levels they don’t bother me at all. Plus the fact that I can be usually found driving the Ford Transit or the GMC van most days. They don’t last long in the race when my Ford Transit with tighter turning overtakes or outbreaks them on an off road course and beating them at the finish - if they haven’t left the game already due to embarrassment.

I do agree that by learning the tracks and breaking zones is a great help.

Just on another note, how long before I can post in here without having my posts checked first by a moderator?