Why the discrimination

At this point it’s down right discrimination as I’m a medical patient and it’s no where near illegal, yet I have been banned for putting a hemp leaf on a car (their was no “USE” of any drug), and designing a plain dropping freedom bombs, a sticker saying show me or TTs which has two twin turbochargers over it, another one with a big turbocharger that says size matters and got banned now for this two times and have been threatened with a permanent ban? All stickers were styled or based on real life drift stickers. Furthermore I live in a state where hemp and the use of it is legal so that is uncalled-for to claim it as an “illegal” drug. As far as the rest please help me understand what exactly I did do wrong. Although funny nothing was vulgar or offensive. I have contacted Microsoft and was explained in detail the code and it clearly states promoting drug usage not picture of a plant, I never told people to go and use or suggested that people should try or use. I explained to them in great detail what stickers I had made, and they’re not seeing any offensive or vulgar behaviors that has violated their cod of conduct you claim to be upholding! No profanity was written or spelled out, or no x rated pictures. I have sent multiple emails but ALL YOU GET FROM TURN TEN IS IGNORED! I lost two cars I had in the auction and haven’t been able to play the game I payed 80+ dollars for because of my medical condition and proud use of LEGAL medical marijuana instead of the evil opioids.

You need to have patience, pardon the expression, as you await a response but don’t send more emails. Those already clog up the system.

There is already ample proof (22 Designs and 27 Vinyls, for instance, on your latest ban) and the repeated posting of items which violate the Microsoft Code of Conduct. There is no excuse for violating the Code, because it is the LAW on Xbox Live, despite any local or regional real-life regulations.