Why the 2005 FXX is my new favorite car in the game

Wow. This car just has it all.

Lets start off with it’s performance. It’s top tier. The car has full adjustable downforce options providing either insane handling on twisty roads or amazing top speed when racing on straights.

This car takes all the downsides of the FXX K (low top speed mainly) and completely eliminates them.

It is one of the only cars in the game that has the legendary tier 6.3L Hybrid swap. This is one of the best sounding engines in the game, completely free from repetitive turbo spool that is overbearing on the engine noise. There is the V12 racing option if you are into turbos and it arguable outperforms the 6.3L Hybrid on more straight courses.

The customization is fantastic. It gives you a lot of options of how to make the spoiler pop. Speaking of the spoiler, thank god that it’s one of the few vehicles that you don’t feel guilty about not putting the “racing spoiler” on. Multi group paint options on almost every piece.

Overall, the design of the 2005 FXX is truly a masterpiece. It is a mix of the latest racing technology and classic hard, wide angular fenders.

Even the first person view is great in this vehicle.

I already designed an amazing full livery package which just takes the car to the next level.

I’m in love.


I downloaded this car yesterday and I was quite surprised by how much fun it is to drive.

I love Ferrari’s XX programme as its made some epic cars. Only issue is this isn’t the EVO version and the engine noise sounds exactly like the FXX-K. However its an epic machine and have had such fun driving it. I’m hoping they bring back the 599 XX EVO and add the new FXX-K EVO along with the FXX EVO.

Didn’t grab it yet because it’s a Ferrari. But the OP’s ravings about the customisation makes me slightly interested, so I’ll probably get it sooner than I would’ve otherwise.

The customisation did not live up to the hype. You get two paint groups for the overall and the rear wing (which allows you to differentiate the tiny little wing bits and the middle of the roof) - that’s it. It looks ridiculous because the stripe disappears when you custom paint it except for the middle of the roof. It sounded like there were multiple physical options for the rear wing between having ‘a lot of options to make the spoiler pop’ and not feeling guilty about not putting the racing spoiler on, but there are no aero options at all.

And its in the wrong game, it belongs to motorsport. :frowning: