Why so many people complaining?!

I don’t understand all the negative threads on this forum. I appreciate there are quite a few bugs that need ironing out and it would certainly be good if and when you’re able to choose to do Asphalt only or even off road(just don’t want to be forced into cross county) I don’t even mind the class of the race being randomly served up, as getting to use a far wider variety of cars.

At the end of the day the vast majority of people downloaded the game for free on Gamepass but most crucially they’ve at no point introduced any rubber banding in online racing. I used to love FIFA up until about 2013 and was always in the top 1% global rankings but it was at that point the handicapping/rubber banding system started to become very apparent and by 2015 the game just become unplayable, as the higher ability level you were, the more the game clipped your wings and the super fast wingers like Theo Walcott could suddenly no longer outrun an ageing led-footed central defender. And EA have clearly done it to keep the kids who spend lots of real money on buying packs happy, as they’d soon get sick of getting humiliated 8-0 and giving up playing/spending.

The only real bit of optional rubber banding is by those who choose to race in the Bone Shaker but most of the more capable players can still outrun them and there’s no sinister intervention that will do anything to suddenly make their own car accelerate slightlyl less or lose grip and slide more on corners etc.

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Rubber banding is an Ai thing when they catch you up at 300mph or stay ahead by taking into account your acceleration.

It’s meaning may have been lost over the years, but this is taken from another site…

Which is the correct meaning from the 90’s.

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Yeah I know there’s an element of it in career mode but realistically after the first few weeks there’s not many people who won’t be just wanting to purely do online racing/rivals

A shame that’s the part of the game that the devs put the least effort into (ie. next to none).


Speak for yourself. I find rivals too stale of an experience to really get into, and while I do participate in online racing, there is only so much I can take of being rammed, shoved, blocked and bullied by other people who do it because they are clearly inferior drivers who have no other way to stay competitive, and the punishments for driving dirty range from light to non-existent.

You want to know what’s frustrating? Nailing a corner only to have every single other driver bomb the corner and slam into the wall, but still stay in the race thanks to the overly generous wall placements. These people should be off in the next village.

Even worse are the people who take as heavy as possible tankpools. They’ll always beat you off the line because they’re all horsepower, and then getting around them is extremely frustrating even though they are clearly terrible drivers, because they take up more than half the track, and can do everything to you while you can do nothing to them.

Sorry for wanting to avoid that sometimes.


This is why I think the game has REALLY shot itself in the foot. Most, (or even saying 50%) people don’t play one game for months. A lot of players, especially more casual ones don’t even 100% finish games. There will be tons and tons of players that will buy this game, play for a few weeks to a month, and never touch it again. Many will play for a week or so, then use it as mostly an online experience. There are likely many, MANY people who don’t visit these forums, that just go to play online, see nobody, and things it’s just bad or nobody is playing. They might try it a few more times, have the same experience, and then give up and move on.

If the game isn’t fixed withing the first 2 weeks to a month, they miss their chance to really hook people, and a large portion of that audience will just move on to another game.

Now going on THREE WEEKS of the online functionality being completely broken, not being able to play with friends, seasonal content that can be played in solo not triggering, and solo content like accolades being impossible to get, I feel like this is about the time that people are starting to hit that wall of boredom with the game. The honeymoon phase is over, and there’s nothing new or engaging to keep them interested. By not having all (or most) of this stuff fixed within the small window after launch that they have to really hook and reel players in, they have probably lost a huge chunk of players that they would have retained if everything worked as intended from day 1.

Personally, since the online is broken, I’ve been playing the hell out of solo. I’ve pretty much experienced everything the game has to offer, and all the races. Nothing is left for me to explore or find with friends or others, while engaged in online activity. The initial wonder of the game has worn off, and when the online DOES work, it will just be replaying things I’ve done by myself a hundred times, and am already bored of.


I completely agree with you here…I am already starting to get bored with the game, although that’s primarily as I race alone bar the Seasonals.

The problem is, at the same time the next Update/fix comes out, Halo Infinite will also be coming out so a lot of the playerbase will move on to that and may not return. I know I will probably play more Halo than Forza for a few weeks. On the other hand, PGG and Microsoft got their “10 millions players” and “most successful launch” etc so they don’t really care if people continue playing as they already have our money and a lot of people already bought the DLC…Game Pass users didn’t pay for the game technically but most probably already were subscribed to it so it makes no difference. Only time they will be concened with any negative feedback is near the launch of the next one…like they did with FH4 and their token gesture of enforcing online racing (which went too far)

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We on the forums are probably less than 1% of the fanbase and I’m being optimistic.

To be fair to Mike and the crew, they did listen to some stuff like letting us mix horsepower with metric units, but I wonder whether it was more due to Microsoft’s general focus on accessibility.

Also a lot of Horizon players are kids under 13 years old, as intended by design. These are the easiest customers, not mature enough to critique anything. I dread the day Microsoft finds a way to monetize this game in a way it doesn’t violate stricter laws like those of the EU.

Seriously, this game feels low effort. There’s been quite a few hints of much copypasting between FH4 and 5 (as if the UK plates weren’t obvious). I have fun playing it but the whole “management” of the game on Playground’s part puts me off praising it.

But you’ll never see them being called out for it since they’re one of the media’s pet studios, like Arkane and Obsidian on Xthesda’s part and Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Insomniac on Sony’s.


…. Could definitely do with split times introducing at some point though!

I just chalk it up to; Gamers can be entitled brats sometimes. Given time, the devs will iron out some of the worst bugs, and the majority of complainers will wander off to Halo, or Fortnight, or whatever the kids are into these days. There will always be a few naysayers left, but the rest of us will be able to have a coherent conversation over the dim rumble of negativity.


Most of the mediocrity and probably quite a few bugs will remain. Based on FH4.

I finished off the stories today, they were some of the most miserable gaming experiences I’ve had, especially having to listen to the creepy over-excitable characters who never shut up, and who we are not allowed to mute. Some of the time limits were ridiculously tight even for a skilled player (some of them I doubt I’d have ever completed without using rewind) while others were stupidly easy where you can just cut out big chunks of the course and 3-star with two minutes left. It’s junk. It’s okay to say so. It doesn’t make me entitled or a brat.

The tl;dr for why people complain? A lot of what should be in this game, isn’t. A lot of what is here, is either terrible or broken. The good parts are what already worked from previous games, ie. the basic game engine dating back to FH2 which has barely been upgraded in eight years. The current devs probably had little to nothing to do with coding that.


When you know you got 2 stars, and you have to wait for all the talking to finish to do the thing again. It’s really long talking.


Yep it sure is. Any designer worth their salt should have taken one look at that and said hang on, we need to let players skip this, let them press restart without making them wait. Did they go to game design school or not? Never played any game themselves?


How many players got to the Vocho drift event and gave up? I’m guessing a lot. I three starred it eventually but it’s not easy. When the dialog kept playing again between tries, I tried every button and stick position to skip it. Yeah, can’t do it. Lame.


‘Coherent conversation’ sounds more like fawning + living in a fictional happy land bubble over the game judging by your other comments on the game.

This series is a potential system seller + supposed to showcase the very best Xbox has to offer over PS and you’re calling people entitled for thinking the bugs present at the moment are extremely poor + unacceptable for a game of that calibre?

Get off your high horse and then over yourself, I’ve barely had any problems but it doesn’t mean everyone else’s are invalid, wrong and they’re just acting ‘entitled’.


Sure. Because by the time the devs fix half of the things, everybody will be done with the game. The lifespan of this game is pretty sort actually if they dont add expansions fast (that of course i hope they dont, not until they fix many many things), on top of that, online broken? hahaha, sorry but the game lifespan is going to last two months. At most. Its not our fault if gamers these days are ok with released unpolished products all the time, i understand, they are used to it and they never knew anything else. They also dont realize that its literally impossible to release a product so broken, unless you do it on purpose LOL. Because FH5 is just a copy/paste from FH4 but with a bigger map, same terrible gameplay mechanics, but hey, most of them already worked in FH4 after two years waiting for a fix…, so why not in FH5??? . . .its amazing if you think on it. But again, as i said, gamers these days are not used to “think” before they buy anything, or even afterwards… watch out this is not an insult, unfortunately is the reality we live in talking about videogames.

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Ah yes, because we’re totally spoiled for checks notes wanting the features of the game to work on par with the previous release.

Forza Horizon 5 is a huge leap BACKWARDS


I think getting the game released ASAP was import because I was possibly looking to get a PS5 first and Series X next year but as the games like God of War and Horizon: Forbidden West have been delayed well into next year and it suddenly being announced FH5 was going to be released late this year, it was a no brainer for me and think this will have swayed many others.

So I am certainly more understanding of any teething problems which will surely be resolved over the coming months!

Why though? This game + series isn’t made by 1 man + his dog in a backyard shed, some of the stuff going wrong for people is just laughable in the sense of how a first-party game of all games can have such basic things going wrong.

I’d get you being understanding if these issues were in a game from some small company with a new IP but people like you have based your console choice on this game, that’s how big an influence the Forza Horizon series has in gaming now.

This culture of ‘release now, fix later’ in gaming is just going to continue indefinitely while people try to justify + defend it.


Game suffers from a lot of problems. I can understand game design related problems, like some modes being over/undertuned, AI scaling etc. etc., but i find it hard to tolerate technical problems that affect game’s performance and the slooow pace at which they’re being dealt with. Game’s raw, at least on PC.