Why signs are important

The September Bounty Hunter challenge reminded about the importance of signs. I remember I learned this in FM 3 at Mugello. Coming into the first turn a Mugello there are signs along the left telling you how far from the corner you are. These were a good indication at what time to brake. Bathurst doesn’t appear to have these signs. However, it does. There are a bunch of STP signs along the track near the corners. After watching my best performance in each corner, I learned where to brake based on the signs. For instance, in the Pontiac Judge tuned for the Bounty Hunter challenge, when coming up to the chicane after the long fast downhill, I hit the brakes and downshifted 3 times at the 5th STP sign before the chicane. When I go to the chicane, I let off the brake, turned and began accelerating to the next turn. This worked almost every time. There are other signs on the course that told me when to brake for other corners. It worked well.

The take away message from this: Signs can be very important.

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Catalunya had them aswell along the left before first corner.

I think…?

Yeah they are called braking points !
Every race car driver has braking points at every track… 3…2…1 or 300…200…100
It’s kinda hard to believe you’re just figuring that out…but glad you did.

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