Why on earth did I got BANNED??????????????????

I bought the Ultimate Edition right after the pre-order started. Then I have to refunded it and bought AGAIN due to the fact that I can’t use the VIP and the CarPass in game and the custom service guy told me that buy it again is the only way so solve it.
Then it’s the disgusting crashing problem. Don’t tell me it’s the hardware requirement issue since I’m using GTX1080 for crying out loud!
And don’t forget all the achievements that didn’t popped out when you complete it.
But I’m really pleased cause few days ago TURN10 released a update and all the problems seem to be fixed.

And today, after a few days of absence from the game, I GOT BANNED!?!?!?!?!?
Let me tell you something:

  1. I didn’t use any sorts of cheating method in game. Neither offline nor online games.
  2. I didn’t even complete my first online game for gods sake!!!
  3. I got to Lv. 150 in a few days. I know it may seemed too fast but it’s because I used the FH edition car!!!

Come on guys!
We didn’t pay TURN10 hundreds of bucks to let them wrongfully banned us!!!
If you’re experiencing the same problem with me, post a reply down there and let TURN10 hear from us!!!

Same boat here mate: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst76556_My-Gamertag-has-been-banned-for-262966-h-33-53.aspx

I saw your post man. This is just nuts. We did nothing even didn’t play online modes and still got banned… It simply makes no sense at all.
I don’t understand why the Turn 10 people still not show up and say something even to prove that I deserve this ban…

Theres more that you can get banned for than just going online and playing. Paint job, vinyl group etc. and they cant talk about bans on here you have to email Turn10 direct to get an answer.

Did you by any chance, post some mature content or inapropriate liveries for children audience ?

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Same boat here as well. I haven’t uploaded any liveries or content or anything, haven’t bought or sold anything at auction (only had a few failed bids), haven’t played multiplayer at all, and haven’t used any sort of cheat/trainer or touched the game files. The only thing I can think of that the game might not have liked was trying the CPU core affinity/process priority trick to get the stuttering to go away. In fact if the end date of my ban is anything to go by, I got banned on the 12th when I hadn’t even played the game for 5 days before that! Very frustrating.