Why offroad feels like road but largest difference is just less traction?

Somehow Offroad racing feels like driving over a carpet. There are some bumps, hills and trees, OK.
But the ground itself is mostly flat (beside green color and some brushes that will slow you down).

Imagine driving OFFROAD for real in a Ferrari or Lambo. Even with 4WD and offroad tires and higher clearance you will not manage to get far.
In FH5 you can dominate any offroad race with Hypercars - Because there are no ripples, molehills, natural obstacles etc that would affect suspension a lot more. Front bumper in any Hyper car should fly off after 5 Meter Offroad driving. Approach Angle - you would Ram such a car in the next Hillside instead of going upward.

The FHJ5 “offroad” feeling is created by: less traction / more sliding offroad (OK)
Brushes and branches on the ground slowing you down (OKish)

What is missing: roots / branches /a lot more small uneven ground features to make your suspension actually MOVE up and down - shake your car a lot more. Make you actually “feel” and see that you are driving over a FIELD or OPEN GROUND.

That way True Offroad cars were in advantage again (as one can expect) over Hypercars in Offroad racing - and it would feel a lot more realistic instead of doing 350 on a open field, because it feels like Green Tarmac in FH5.

WE WISH lmao. Obviously you didnt play more than five minutes.

Offroad feeling the same as asphalt?? oh my… specially in this game… they are sooooooooo different. Did you even try to drive an offroad 4x4 and a ferrari with asphalt tires at the same time?
And you dont see the difference??? o.O

Traction has nothing to do with it. Dampers, springs, etc, make a huge difference between an offroad 4x4 and for example a hyper car.

Offroad is my middle name and I don’t agree with anything you said OP, sorry.

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i wonder what’s your last name is? hmmm
anonymous offroad tractor? your parents must be proud
looking for any realism in forza games is like looking for compassion from oppressor
you want half decent realistic offroad, try showrunner

I play farm simulator and that has op offroading